Bella Poarch & Valkyrae confirm ‘Build a Bitch’ music video rumors

Valkyrae and Bella Poarch in 'Build a B*tch'Bella Poarch Twitter

100 Thieves co-owner and Twitch star Valkyrae is going to co-star alongside Bella Poarch in the TikTokker’s upcoming “Build a Bitch” music video.

Update May 11

Both Valkyrae and Bella Poarch confirmed the rumors that the Twitch star is going to be in the upcoming music video for “Build a Bitch.”

The video is going to drop on May 14.

This will be her second appearance in a music video, after co-starring in the viral “DAYWALKER!” earlier in the year.

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When 100T’s Rachel ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter appeared in Corpse Husband’s “DAYWALKER!” music video, it basically broke the internet. Fans, peers, and figures in the entertainment industry all tuned in and cheered on the streamer’s debut alongside Machine Gun Kelly.

The video’s success was loud enough for some to go ahead and crown Valkyrae the “Queen of YouTube.”

But the Filipino-American content creator isn’t done yet, and fans think they know what her next big moment will be. After numerous hints about music video appearances and Filipino pride, excited supporters believe Valk will be showing up in another internet superstar’s music video: “Build a B***h,” by Bella Poarch.

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In one of her hints, Valk confirmed that she will be in another music video after “DAYWALKER!” During a stream, she let fans know the intel: “I got permission to actually announce that I am in another music video.”

While she couldn’t say who the video would be with or what her role is, that tidbit of information is a legitimate piece of the puzzle fans are putting together.

The next big puzzle piece came in another stream, when Valk told her viewers about a new project she was filming. Mentioning that hours were long (as they seemed to be during her “DAYWALKER!” vlog), she gave a sly hint that it will somehow represent the Philippines.

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Unwilling to break any NDAs and give too much away, Valkyrae still built up hype for her Filipino followers: “I’m doing it for the Filipinos. I think the Filipinos are going to be very excited about this … Filipino pride!”

Coupling those two pieces, fans could already loop in Bella Poarch — who is also a proud American-Filipino star on the internet. And the two influencers are most certainly on friendly terms, as they teamed up for the 100T Cash App Pay Day Uno tournament.

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With Bella’s April 30 announcement that she has a debut single called “Build a B***h” that will release on May 14, fans believe they’ve found the answer to their questions.