What are Strongholds in Diablo 4?

art of diablo 4 strongholdBlizzard Entertainment

Diablo 4 players will be welcomed to a new type of gameplay in the series with the introduction of Strongholds. New areas packed with enemies and challenges, we’ve got the lowdown on these new looting hotspots.

Looting has always been at the forefront of Diablo as Blizzard’s RPG series helped to cultivate the concept and turn it into a mainstay in the modern gaming scene.

Diablo 4 features a ton of looting as the devs have already confirmed the game will feature well over 100 fresh dungeons to explore and conquer. Alongside dungeons are the franchise’s new Stronghold locations. Here’s what they do.

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Lilith in Diablo 4Blizzard Entertainment
Diablo 4 will borrow elements from Diablo 3 and Immortal.

What do Strongholds do in Diablo 4?

Strongholds are heavily fortified locations filled with lots of Monsters, tons of loot, and usually a big, nasty boss toward the end of it.

The devs have confirmed that each Stronghold will have bits of lore and environmental clues to observe that divulge information about the location without actually saying anything.

Each of the game’s five main locations will contain a bunch of different Strongholds to conquer and will reward the efforts of players who are able to do so.

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Where are Strongholds in Diablo 4?

Given that we’ve only been able to sample the contents of the Open Beta, we don’t know the full extent of Diablo 4’s Strongholds. However, we do know that players can find three Strongholds in Fractured Peaks: Kor Dragon, Malnok, and Nostrava.

Obviously, once the full game is out, we’ll be able to learn a lot more about the nature of Strongholds, as well as all of their various locations. Check back on this guide after the game launches for additional information.

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