All Diablo 4 beta rewards & how to unlock them

Diablo 4 character looking at the screenBlizzard

There are three unique rewards for you to grab in the Diablo 4 beta but finding them can be tough. So, here’s every beta reward and how you can unlock them.

The Diablo 4 beta lets players try out the game’s dungeons, mechanics, and allows them to try out different classes, from the Barbarian to the Sorcerer. On top of this, those who’ve grabbed access to the Diablo 4 beta will also be able to claim some awesome free rewards.

From an adorable pet wolf cosmetic to some great titles, you’ll be able to fully prepare for the game’s full release with some great rewards. So, here’s how to get hold of those rewards and what they are.

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All Diablo 4 beta rewards & how to unlock them

Diablo 4 wolf cosmetic screenshotBlizzard
The Diablo 4 beta features a number of free rewards.

There are a total of three Diablo 4 beta rewards that adventurers can claim. All the in-game items can be found below, so make sure you claim these during the pre-release in order to add them to your account. 

  • Initial Casualty Title: earned by reaching Kyovashad with one character.
  • Early Voyager Title: earned by reaching Level 20 on one character.
  • Beta Wolf Pack Cosmetic Item: earned by reaching Level 20 on one character.

It’s important to note that there are two different periods of access for the Diablo 4 beta. The early access portion will run from March 17-19, and the full open beta will run from March 24-26. This means you’ll have a few days to unlock the Beta Wolf Pack Cosmetic item and other beta rewards.

So, there you have it, that’s everything you need to know when it comes to claiming all the Diablo 4 beta rewards. Make sure you check out our Diablo page for all the latest news and updates.

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