Diablo 4 Mission list: Main story & Priority quests

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Diablo 4 has been out for a week now and players have been busy going through the game and enjoying their time fighting against the evil monsters in the Sanctuary. However, it is a massive game and you might be wondering how many missions there are in this game including their names to get a sense of the overall scale of Diablo 4.

Diablo 4 is definitely one of the best games of 2023. It has hit the field running and has received worldwide acclaim from both critics as well as fans. It has a rich and diverse world that is filled with quests to complete, features to access, and enemies to defeat all across.

The story of Diablo 4 is gripping and there is a lot to uncover as you progress your way through Sanctuary. As such, the game is quite big and has a bucket full of missions to go through before you can uncover all the secrets that this game has to offer.

Hence, here is a list of all the major Acts and mission lists in Diablo 4 that you need to finish to finally free the Sanctuary from its evils.


Diablo 4 Zone
Diablo 4 takes part on a new continent to Diablo 3.

Diablo 4 Acts & Mission List

Here are all the missions from the main story that you need to complete to reach the end of Diablo 4:

Diablo 4 Prologue: Wandering

  • Dusk on the Mountain
  • Darkness Within
  • A Hero’s Return
  • A Hero’s Reward
  • Prayers for Salvation
  • In Search of Answers
  • Rite of Passage
  • Missing Pieces

Diablo 4 Act 1: A Cold and Iron Faith

A screenshot from Diablo 4 trailer
Diablo 4 Act I begins after the intro.

Here are all the Act 1 quests:

  • Ill Tidings
  • Tarnished Luster
  • The Knight and the Magpie
  • Undertaking
  • Below
  • In Her Wake
  • Storming the Gates
  • The Cost of Knowledge
  • Light’s Guidance
  • Kor Valar
  • Pilgrimage
  • Light’s Judgement
  • Light’s Protection
  • Wayward
  • Shroud of the Horadrim
  • Fledgling Scholar
  • Crossing Over
  • Descent
  • Light’s Resolve

Diablo 4 Act 2: The Knife Twists Again

A screenshot from Diablo 4 trailer
The Wanderer hunts Lilith relentlessly.

Here are all the Act 2 quests:

  • An Unforeseen Visit
  • Dark Omens
  • Encroaching Shadows
  • Exhuming the Forgotten
  • Harrowed Lament
  • Apex of Misery
  • Parting Embers
  • Feral Nature
  • The Beast Within
  • The Path of Rage
  • Fangs of Corruption
  • Stemming the Flow
  • Buried Secrets
  • In Ruins
  • Entombed Legacy
  • Shadow Over Cerrigar
  • As the World Burns

Diablo 4 Act 3: The Making of Monsters

A screenshot from Diablo 4 trailer
Diablo 4 Act 3 is when things get really dark.

Here are all the Act 3 quests:

  • The Spreading Darkness
  • Whittling Sanity
  • Suffering Disquiet
  • A Moment to Collect
  • Brought Low
  • The City of Blood and Dust
  • Small Blessings
  • Whispers from the Past
  • Through the Dark Glass
  • Descent Into Flame
  • Loose Threads
  • Oasis of Memories
  • Flesh from Bone
  • Beneath the Mask
  • Piercing the Veil
  • Exhumed Relics

Diablo 4 Act 4: A Gathering Storm

A screenshot from Diablo 4 trailer
Diablo 4 Act 4 involves some shocking twists.

Here are all the Act 4 quests:

  • Prying the Eye
  • A Master’s Touch
  • Lost Arts
  • A Meeting of the Minds
  • Anguish Incarnate
  • Eye of the Storm

Diablo 4 Act 5: Secrets Bartered, Fates Sold

Here are all the Act 5 quests:

  • The Path Divided
  • Secrets of the Zakarum
  • Entombed Hatred
  • Swamp Hospitality
  • Witch of the Wastes
  • Encumbered Mind
  • The Cage of Grief
  • One Step Forward
  • Tainted Flesh
  • Wrack & Ruin
  • Cold Blood
  • Judgment of the Swamp
  • The Serpentine Path
  • Dirge of the Mire
  • The Slow, Beating Heart
  • A Cold and Lifeless Shore
  • Picking Through the Bones
  • Beneath the Wine-Dark Sea
  • Fragments of Mortality
  • On the Precipice
  • Knee-Deep in Faith
  • A Chorus of Voices

Diablo 4 Act 6: Dance of the Makers

A screenshot of Diablo 4 from the trailer
Demons and monsters will level with you in Diablo 4.

Here are all the Act 6 quests:

  • Evil Stirs in Kehjistan
  • The Jewel of the East
  • The Scouring of Caldeum
  • The Walls Shake
  • Turning the Tide
  • Essence of Hatred
  • In Desolation’s Wake
  • Light Extinguished
  • The Blind Eye
  • What Lies Ahead

Diablo 4 Epilogue: From the Wound Spilled

A screenshot from Diablo 4 trailer
Lilith is the main antagonist of Diablo 4.
  • Promises
  • A Heavy Burden
  • Legacy of the Horadrim

Diablo 4 Priority Quests

A screenshot from Diablo 4 trailer
Diablo 4 priority quests teach various mechanics such as upgrading potions.

Alongside the Main quest, there are a few class-specific and other essential quests that you have to complete in order to progress through the story or learn how to use certain skills.

A list of all of those quests has been provided below:

  • Healing Potion Upgrading 
  • Item Upgrading 
  • Extraction and Imprinting 
  • Gem Crafting 
  • Whispers of the Dead 
  • The Helltide Rises 
  • Unlocking Waypoints 
  • Sigil Crafting
  • Fields of Hatred
  • Legacy of the Magi  – Sorcerer
  • True Potential – Rogue
  • Call of the Underworld – Necromancer
  • Spirits of the Lost Grove – Druid
  • Masters of Battle – Barbarian

Hence, this completes our guide for Diablo 4 missions and act list. If you found it informative, please look into some of our other guides at Dexerto.

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