Diablo 4: Season 1 Journey, objectives, rewards & more

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Diablo 4Blizzard Entertainment

Season 1 of Diablo 4 features its own unique rewards and mission objectives for players to complete across seven chapters. Here’s everything you need to know about the game‘s new seasonal content.

The highly anticipated Season 1 of Diablo 4 has arrived and it contains its own unique set of missions for players to enjoy that are separate from the main campaign. These activities, referred to as the Season 1 Journey, can be experienced before, after, or adjacent to the game’s main story.

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Before you can take part in the Season 1 journey, you’ll first need to obtain the Battle Pass which can be done for free but there’s a premium option that will give you some additional cosmetics.

We’ve provided a full rundown of the Diablo 4 Season 1 Journey below so you know exactly what to expect heading into the new content.

Diablo 4 charactersBlizzard Entertainment
Diablo 4 Season 1 is here.

Should I replay the campaign in Season 1?

Whether or not you play or skip the main campaign of Diablo 4 in Season 1 depends on a few factors. First, you’ll need to have already completed the campaign with a pre-Season 1 character in order to unlock the option to skip it during Season 1. If this is the case, and if you want to jump straight into the Season 1 Journey, saving yourself many hours, then skipping the campaign may be the way to go.

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However, if you’ve not yet beaten Diablo 4 before Season 1 rolled around, you’ll need to play the main story campaign before you can reach the endgame. Although, if this is your first playthrough of Diablo 4, then that’s exactly what you should do anyway. You’ll also be able to build your renown this way and can always skip the campaign next Season, or should you start a second character.

Don’t forget, if you play through the campaign during Season 1, you’ll be able to benefit from all the seasonal content and changes while you play. So, there’s never been a better time to play through the main story quest. Lots of people who begin Season 1 will choose not to skip the campaign for this very reason, even if they’ve already unlocked the option.

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Diablo 4 Season 1 Journey

Here’s the Season 1 Journey of Diablo 4 in full:

Chapter 1

Chapter 1 only requires you to do some basic things and won’t take long to complete, but still offers some nice rewards. This will be especially helpful to those who are new to the game.

You only need to complete 7/9 objectives to finish Chapter 1.


  • Den of Evil – Complete any Dungeon.
  • Heart of Corruption – Collect your first Malignant Heart.
  • Into the Frozen Dark – Complete 3 Dungeons in the Fractured Peaks.
  • Keeper of the Keys – Collect your first Whispering Key, (sold by the Purveyor of Curiosities).
  • Kind Stranger – Beat 5 priority or side quests.
  • The Hangman’s Garden – Collect 15 Gallowvine.
  • Trouble in the Wilds – Complete your first World Event.
  • Waste Not – Salvage 10 Standard items through the Blacksmith.
  • What Lurks Below – Complete your first Cellar.


  • First Journey Cache (contains materials and gear)
  • Ancestral Charge Aspect (Barbarian)
  • Subterranean Aspect (Druid)
  • Gore Quills Aspect (Necromancer)
  • Pestilent Points Aspect (Rogue)
  • Searing Wards Aspect (Sorcerer)
Diablo 4 Malignant HeartBlizzard
Diablo Malignant Hearts were added during the Season 1 update.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2 requires you to do some more difficult tasks, you’re likely to complete them all as you work through the story. But even if you skipped the campaign, you should be able to complete each of them without too much difficulty.

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You only need to complete 9/11 objectives to finish Chapter 2.


  • A Torch in the Depths – Complete 5 Malignant Tunnels (available after completing or skipping the campaign)
  • A Warrior of Taste – Change your gear’s appearance 5 times in the Wardrobe.
  • Baptized in Blood – Reach level 25.
  • Finer Clarity – Upgrade your potion to Minor at the Alchemist.
  • Gemcutter – Craft any Chipped gem at the Jeweler.
  • Lighting the Way – Use or activate 10 waypoints.
  • Ruins Reclaimed – Complete a Stronghold.
  • Spit and Polish – Upgrade 2 items at the Blacksmith or Jeweler.
  • Stopping the Spread – Collect 3 Malignant Hearts (available after completing or skipping the Campaign.)
  • Undertaker – Clear 10 Cellars.
  • Vivisector – Collect 15 Demon Hearts (found from killing Demons or in Cellars.)


  • Second Journey Cache (contains Scattered Prisms and jewelry)
  • Bold Chieftain’s Aspect (Barbarian)
  • Shockwave Aspect (Druid)
  • Exposed Flesh Aspect (Necromancer)
  • Surprise Aspect (Rogue)
  • Frozen Orbit Aspect (Sorcerer)

Chapter 3

Chapter 3 is similar to Chapter 2, only things get slightly harder and some new tasks are added.

You’ll need to complete all objectives below to finish this chapter.


  • A Master at Work – Complete 5 World Events with Mastery.
  • Champion of the Lost – Conquer 5 Stronholds.
  • Corruption Cleansed – Complete 5 Malignant Tunnels (available after completing or skipping the campaign).
  • Exceptional Potency – Upgrade your Potion to Moderate at the Alchemist.
  • Grim Reward – Obtain 10 Caches from the Tree of Whispers.
  • Hunter’s Whisper – Complete 10 Whispers (after completing or skipping the campaign).
  • Purging the Plague – Use a Wrathful malignant invoker in a Malignant Tunnel (after the campaign).
  • Risk and Reward – Buy 5 items from the Purveyor of Curiosities.
  • Shards of the Fiends – Collect 5 Scattered Prisms, found from killing world bosses or treasure goblins.
  • Steel from Iron – Upgrade two items at the Blacksmith or Jeweler.
  • Touching the Eternal – Unlock 4 Aspects in the Codex of Power by completing Dungeons.
  • Transfer of Power – Imprint an Aspect at the Occultist.
  • Wonders Distilled – Craft 5 Elixirs of any time at the Alchemist.


  • Third Journey Cache (Contains Legendary Salvage and Jewelry),
  • Encroaching Wrath Aspect (Barbarian)
  • Dire Wolf’s Aspect (Druid)
  • Decay Aspect (Necromancer)
  • Imitated Imbuement Aspect (Rogue)
  • Unbroken Tether Aspect (Sorcerer)
Diablo 4 bossBlizzard Entertainment
You can play the campaign again in Season 1 or skip it.

Chapter 4

Chapter 4 will see you potentially enter the next World Tier/difficulty. Monsters will get tougher but the rewards, gold, and exp you earn will increase dramatically.

You’ll need to complete 10/12 objectives to clear this chapter.

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  • A Legend at the Forge – Upgrade an item at the Blacksmith or Jeweler.
  • A Trail of Mighty Corpses – Kill 100 Elite Monsters.
  • A World Apart – Change the World Tier.
  • Benevolent Wanderer – Complete 25 priority or side quests.
  • Gifts of the Ancients – Unlock 15 Aspects in the Codex of Power through completing Dungeons.
  • Hardened by Battle – Reach level 50.
  • Heartrender – Collect 10 Malignant Hearts (after completing or skipping the Campaign).
  • Legacy of the Sanctuary – Equip a Legendary item in every slot.
  • Miracles of Alchemy – Craft 10 Elixirs at the Alchemist.
  • Quelled Hatred – Purify 1,000 Seeds of Hatred in hostile areas.
  • The Father’s Gate – Complete the Cathedral of Light to unlock the Nightmare World Tier.
  • The Stuff of Legends – Collect 5 Coiling Wards, found by salvaging Legendary Armor.


  • Fourth Journey Cache (contains some Malignant Hearts, Forgotten Souls, and jewelry),
  • Earthquake Aspect (Barbarian)
  • Lightning Dancer’s Aspect (Druid)
  • Coldbringer’s Aspect (Necromancer)
  • Umbrous Aspect (Rogue)
  • Gravitational Aspect (Sorcerer)

Chapter 5

You’ll now have reached endgame and the Paragon board, allowing you to customize your characters even further.

You need to complete 9/11 objectives to clear this chapter.


  • A Boon in the Tide – Open 1 Tortured Gift of any time during a Helltide.
  • Cut the First Ear – Kill another player in PvP.
  • Exceeded Potential – Improve a Paragon Glyph to rank 4 after finishing Nightmare Dungeons.
  • Keymaster – Craft 2 Nightmare Sigils at the Occultist.
  • Prophecy Manifest – Open a Tortured Gift of Mysteries during a Helltide.
  • Restored Glory – Upgrade 2 items at the Blacksmith or Jeweler.
  • Scourge of the Malignant – Complete 15 Malignant Tunnels (available after completing or skipping the Campaign).
  • The Depths of Fear – Use 5 Nightmare Sigils to empower dungeons, and then complete them.
  • The Paragon’s Path – Unlock 15 Paragon nodes after reaching level 50 by using Paragon points.
  • Wrath’s Beating Heart – Acquire a Wrathful Malignant Heart (available after completing or skipping the campaign).


  • Fifth Journey Cache (contains Nightmare Sigils and jewelry),
  • Craven Aspect (You gain 20-40% increased movement speed when fleeing from Slowed or Chilled monsters).
diablo 4 Steam ReviewsBlizzard Entertainment
Will Lilith be a threat in Season 1?

Chapter 6

All objectives are now firmly placed in endgame, if you didn’t skip the campaign, you’ll likely now have completed it and will be fully engaged in endgame content.

You’ll need to complete 9/11 objectives to conclude this chapter.


  • A Fiend Brought Low – Kill a World Boss in Nightmare.
  • Ancestral Artisan – Upgrade 3 items at the Blacksmith or Jeweler.
  • Crown to Foot – Imprint 10 Aspects at the Occultist.
  • Lilith’s Undoing – Purify 5,000 Seeds of Hatred in hostile areas. Look for these on your Map.
  • No Mere Mortal – Unlock a Legendary Paragon node after reaching level 50 through using Paragon points.
  • Pilgrimage of Nightmares – Complete a Tier 15 Nightmare Dungeon.
  • Reaching for Greatness – Improve a Paragon Glyph to rank 20 after finishing Nightmare Dungeons.
  • Tempered by Hellfire – Reach level 75.
  • The Gathering Fires – Acquire 1,000 Cinders during Helltides in Nightmare.
  • Threshold of Damnation – Complete the Fallen Temple to unlock the Torment World Tier.
  • Wrath’s Vengeance – Defeat the Nightmare Echo of Varshan after completing the seasonal storyline.


  • Sixth Journey Cache (Contains Nightmare Sigils and Jewelry).
  • Audacity Aspect (When there are at least 5 close enemies, Stun them for 2-4 seconds. This can only occur once every 20 seconds.)

Chapter 7

Now only the final and most difficult tasks of the Season 1 journey remain.

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You’ll need to complete 6/8 objectives to finish clear this chapter.


  • Anointed Immortal – Reach level 100.
  • Blessed Mother Departed – Kill the Echo of Lilith in the Archives of Issalia in Torment.
  • Heads of the Snake – Kill 5 Helltide Commanders during Helltides.
  • Lord of the Nightmares – Complete a Tier 43 Nightmare Dungeon.
  • Mephisto’s Bane – Purify 10,000 Seeds of Hantrd in hostile areas. Look for these on your Map.
  • Shattered Fiends – Kill 15 World Bosses in Torment.
  • The Spoils of Hell – Open 3 Tortured Gifts of Mysteries during Helltides.
  • Wrath’s Dying Breath – Defeat the Tormented Echo of Varshan after completing the seasonal storyline.


  • Seventh Journey Cache (contains endgame resources, jewelry, and a Scroll of Amnesia, which refunds all allocated Skill and Paragon Points).

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