Warzone Season 4 Reloaded update patch notes: Titanium Trials, Rebirth of the Dead, buffs & nerfs

Andrew Highton
cod operator terminator skin using weapon

Warzone Season 4 Reloaded has some big alterations including new game modes, a new gun, and we’ve detailed all the incoming changes in Warzone Pacific Season 4 Reloaded – including significant buffs and nerfs.

Season 4 of Warzone Pacific has been a relatively consistent season and possibly the best yet. The meta, admittedly, hasn’t been the most competitive with the NZ-41 and Marco 5 running riot and some unfortunate map glitches tainting the experience.

However, the new Fortune’s Keep map has been an overwhelming success with many players preferring it to Rebirth Island and Storage Town has been a welcome return.

We now move on to Warzone Season 4 Reloaded with more changes lined up. New game modes are dropping in the form of the Titanium Trials and Rebirth of the Dead, a new gun in the Vargo-S, and there are some heavily requested nerfs dropping in too.

New game modes: Titanium Trials & Rebirth of the Dead

Warzone Pacific Season 4 Reloaded carries on the trend of adding new playlist variations with each major update.

This time around, fans will have a new mode called Titanium Trials, which is a tweak on the classic Iron Trials formula. To celebrate the inclusion of The Terminator bundles and skins, Titanium Trials will give players more health, armor, and make loadouts temporarily more expensive, and includes special rewards.

The other addition is Rebirth of the Dead which sees the classic Zombie infection formula return. Be the last human surviving as the entire lobby is slowly turned into Zombies – including a new Zombie Jailbreak feature!

New playlist options will include the following:

  • The return of Plunder
  • Champions of Caldera returning as a Trios mode
  • Titanium Trials: Endurance Quads – starting on August 11th
  • Fortune’s Keep and Rebirth Island in map rotation

New gun: Vargo-S Assault Rifle

vargo-s assault rifle weapon in cod

It’s well known by this point that Warzone Pacific is closing in on an astonishing 200 weapons to choose from and the Vargo-S Assault Rifle is set to add to that number.

Its high fire rate could push the gun towards that Assault Rifle/SMG hybrid, in the way that the FARA 83 was, and there are several ways to unlock it in Warzone Pacific Season 4 Reloaded.

Buffs & nerfs

Warzone Season 4 Reloaded will likely aim to change up the meta with some fan favorites possibly getting thrown under the chopping block.

As well as the NZ-41 and Marco 5, other common guns that have featured heavily in Warzone Season 4 have been the Cooper Carbine and H4 Blixen.

So it’ll be interesting to see if Raven Software decides to mix up the meta.

Furthermore, it’s not just the weapons that are being tinkered with in Warzone Season 4 Reloaded as two important aspects of the game are being changed: the Serpentine Perk and Radar Jammers.

Previously, Serpentine has come in for criticism for being OP and stealing kills from players for reducing damage far too much. This will change in Season 4 Reloaded as will now only negate 15% of damage, compared to the 20% it originally did.

We should point out that this will only come into effect midseason and not with the launch of Season 4 Reloaded.

Whereas Radar Jammers have become an annoyance for those who are affected by them in matches. Raven has embraced this feedback too and announced that drop rates for the item will be reduced going forward.

Warzone Season 4 Reloaded patch notes

warzone operator using redeploy balloons


  • “Cursed Ground” Special Event on Fortune’s Keep:
    • Fortune’s Keep is now Cursed Ground.
    • Several Cursed Chests hidden around the island.
    • Can only be unlocked by ‘brave souls.’
    • Once the event begins, Zombies will spawn in the vicinity of the cursed chest.
  • Portable Redeploy Balloons in All Modes:
    • Has half the health of a normal Redeploy Balloon.
    • Shorter launch distance than normal.
    • Comes with a unique icon on Tactical Map.
    • Can be found in Loot or as a reward for completing the Supply Drop contract.
  • Bomber Planes are back in BR on Caldera and Raven will monitor engagement on it and make a decision to keep it or not

Quality of Life

  • Updated Logic for Buying Back teammates
    • If a player has enough money and a redeploy token, the token will be used before the money – the money will now be used first.
  • Fortune’s Keep Gas Circle
    • Gas Circle size and timings have been rebalanced for faster match pacing.
  • Reduced Radar Jammer Drop Rates on Fortune’s Keep
    • Now aligns with drop rates on Rebirth Island
  • Trophy Systems will no longer destroy Field Upgrades
    • Field Upgrades should not be destroyed by Trophy Systems, this is now fixed
  • Increased Legendary Supply Boxes on Caldera
  • Perks
    • Serpentine Nerfed
      • Damaged Reduction decreased to 15%, down from 20%
  • Tactical Equipment
    • Thermite Buffed
      • Stick Damage increased to 40, up from 30

Weapon changes

  • With close to 200 weapons in Warzone, starting in Season 4 Reloaded, Raven will be rolling out a new feature with some players where select weapons of each category will be flagged as ‘recommended’ to help guide them towards a weapon that is currently performing well within its class – e.g meta weapons.
  • Vanguard Zombies Camos now in Warzone.
  • Default Loadout selection in Warzone Season 4 will change thanks to feedback over picking incorrect loadouts.
  • Certain Sniper Rifles will be getting some buffs, although not immediately

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