Warzone players already glitching through walls for easy wins on new Fortune’s Keep map

Brad Norton
Warzone Fortune's Keep gameplay

Just days after its release in the Warzone Season 4 update, players have already found a number of bugged walls to glitch through in order to secure some easy kills.

If you’re an experienced Warzone player, you’ll be all too familiar with the issue of broken walls. From the early days in Verdansk through to Rebirth Island and Caldera too, no Battle Royale map has been safe from the frustrating issue.

Pesky players have time and again found ways of getting out of bounds. Whether it’s inside of various walls or in some cases, directly under the map itself, we’ve seen dozens of examples over the years.

Now, we can add Warzone’s fourth map to the list as just days after it arrived in Season 4, Fortune’s Keep has quickly led to the same problem. Countless players are already glitching their way through various surfaces to ruin the fresh experience for others.

Cash Extraction event in Warzone's Fortune Keep map
Fortune’s Keep already needs some maintenance as players have uncovered a few broken walls around the BR map.

A number of new glitch spots caught traction on Reddit just days after the map went live. Rather than just one POI being hindered by the wall-breaking problem, multiple locations are already being torn apart.

Undeniably the most impactful, however, is the glitched surface in Town. With players able to push through into a one-way zone, allowing their bullets to travel outward but no returning fire to travel in, teams are able to dominate much of the map without sustaining any damage.

Not only does this glitched area provide a sweeping view both inside and outside of the nearest building, but it’s also situated in close proximity to a Buy Station. 

Thus, any teams trying to upgrade their equipment of call in a Loadout Drop can swiftly meet their end without even so much as seeing their opponents.

“It’s already rampant,” as Reddit user ‘BigBossM’ explained after sharing multiple instances of the same exploit. 

Developers are yet to address the Fortune’s Keep bugs publicly and no updates have been listed on the official Warzone Trello board just yet. 

So for the time being, you’ll have to be extra cautious on the new Warzone map. You just might fall victim to players abusing these broken walls until a patch is rolled out.