Warzone dev responds after players demand nerf for “stupid” Radar Jammer

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Warzone players are calling for the Radar Jammer Field Upgrade after signs show that it may be a little too overpowered — and developers have responded to the demand.  

The Radar Jammer Field Upgrade was added into Warzone in the Season 3 Reloaded Update.

Radar Jammer scrambles players’ mini-maps for 45 seconds and has a radius of 125 meters. Players within the radius are not able to use Killstreaks, Heartbeat Sensors, see the circle, or see pings from teammates or from when teammates die. The Field Upgrade is similar to a Trophy System and has to be placed down to be activated.

Warzone Pacific character firing weaponActivision
The Radio Jammer Field Upgrade was added in the Season 3 Reloaded Update.

Why do players dislike the Radio Jammer Field Upgrade?

A Reddit user posted a thread with the title “Radar Jammer is one of the worst additions to the game.”

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One person commented that “it’s ridiculous you can’t even use killstreaks when you’re being jammed. Definitely overpowered and annoying on Rebirth.

On a small map such as Rebirth Island, this Field Upgrade has the potential to be a nightmare for several players at a time trying to use killstreaks or relocate into the next circle.

Call of Duty player TheGhostOfHope tweeted that the radius of the Radar Jammer should be nerfed.

The Beenox team who is responsible for working on Rebirth Island responded by saying they are reworking the Radar Jammer but there is no official time frame on when the patch will come.

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Another user added that “The radius is way too big. Even if I’m a considerate distance away from it, the jammer still takes up a considerate portion of my minimap.

To be even more of a nuisance to enemies, you can put the Radar Jammer on a vehicle and drive around the map causing chaos.

There are some countermeasures available to deal with Radar Jammers. The Radar Jammer can be destroyed by shooting it, and the Engineer Perk can hack the item and use it against the person who deployed it.

We will provide an update when the update gets released.

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