Warzone fans laud Fortune’s Keep map as ‘better than Rebirth Island’ already

Warzone's Fortune Keep map with Pacific logoActivision

Players are loving the changes Fortune’s Keep has made to Warzone already.

Warzone players have had a little time to adjust to the brand new Fortune’s Keep map and the reviews are rolling in fast. Some even think Season 4’s new arena might be better than the fan-favorite Rebirth Island thus far.

Now that the dust has had time to settle on the Season 4 update, fans are getting comfortable voicing their opinion on all of the Warzone’s new changes.

Chief on that list is the debut of Fortune’s Keep, the game’s 4th new map in two years, and while the party is just getting started on the Mercenary hideout, the community is all smiles about the way it plays so far.

Warzone fans laud Fortune’s Keep for new gameplay opportunities

Cash Extraction balloons on Fortune's KeepActivision
Fortune’s Keep has freshened up the Warzone map lineup for only the fourth time in the game’s history.

The praise has rolled in hot for Fortune’s Keep from Warzone players across the internet.

One thread on Reddit highlighted the new energy that it brings to the game and fans quickly piled up to add their favorite things about it to the pile.

One commenter credits it with making them fall back in love with the game for the first time in a while: “It’s completely reinvigorated my (and my squad’s) love of Warzone again.”

Another player echoed those comments and added that the new battlefield has completely taken over their thoughts, even when there’s more important tasks in front of them.

“Not that we ever really fell out of love with Warzone, but it’s more like I’m finding myself daydreaming at work again, counting down the minutes until I can go home and log on,” they said.

The love didn’t stop there. Twitter users also got in on the fun and shared their experiences so far.

When comparing FK to the classic Rebirth Island, one passionate fan noted how a fresh sandbox to play in makes things more exciting than before.

“They’re both extremely fun, but I’m gonna have to say Fortune’s Keep. It’s completely original and offers so many more gameplay opportunities.”

It remains to be seen if the Fortune’s Keep will hold up over time but it’s clear that the Warzone community is more than satisfied with the developers’ latest efforts for the time being.