How to slide cancel in Modern Warfare 3

Ryan Lemay
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The latest Call of Duty title, Modern Warfare 3, has arrived and slide canceling is now back in the franchise. Here’s exactly how you can pull off this handy maneuver in the game without failing.

Modern Warfare 3 has just been released, and Sledgehammer Games have overhauled movement in the game. This means that in the newest Call of Duty title, operators can fire during and immediately after sliding, recharge tactical sprint while sprinting, mantle faster, and tactical sprint longer. On top of that, slide canceling has also returned, but not as fans remember.

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Originally, slide canceling allowed players to retain their maximum movement speed after sliding. Completing it successfully made it possible to continue sprinting after performing a slide. However, in MW3, the animation no longer resets a tactical sprint, creating a slight delay.

After sliding for the first time during the first beta weekend, community members overwhelmingly called for the “horrible” delay to be removed. The MW3 devs responded by announcing a quick fix to slide timing.

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With that in mind, here is a step-by-step guide on how to slide cancel in MW3.

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How to slide cancel on consoles & PC in Modern Warfare 3

To slide cancel in MW3, players must rapidly press the crouch button twice and jump while sprinting with their designated button/stick.

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The combination of all three inputs allows players to cancel the slide animation before it finishes. The mechanic makes it easier for players to control their precise movement and catch enemies off guard in gunfights.

It’s important to note that if you’ve set the crouch or jump movement to another button, you must use the one you chose.

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Here are the slide cancel combinations using the platform-designated buttons on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC:

PlayStationO+O+X (O = crouch; X = jump)
XboxB+B+A (B = crouch; A = jump)
PCShift+Shift+Space / C+C+Space

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