Modern Warfare 3 TTK: How does it compare to MW2, MW2019 & older COD games?

Jacob Hale
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Significant changes have been made in Modern Warfare 3, the newest addition to the Call of Duty series, distinguishing it from Modern Warfare 2, particularly in its time-to-kill (TTK) dynamics. Gamers are still unsure how MW3’s TTK compares to other COD titles.

This aspect of gameplay has always sparked discussions among Call of Duty enthusiasts, with preferences divided between the slower-paced TTK of games like Black Ops 4 and the rapid-fire action of Modern Warfare 2019.

As well as the quality of the maps and the weapons in the game, the TTK is a huge point of contention for the community and, for some, can make or break their enjoyment of a Call of Duty game.

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So where does MWIII rank in comparison to COD titles of yesteryear?

MW3 TTK vs MW2019, MWII, BO4, more

According to XclusiveAce, Modern Warfare III actually has one of the slowest TTKs in Call of Duty history, faster only than Black Ops 4 and, in some situations, Cold War. This means it is significantly slower than the older Call of Duty titles, from COD 4 to Advanced Warfare, after which things started to increase.

For assault rifles, the TTK clocks in at just over 300ms, slightly behind Cold War and BO4, while SMGs are closer to around 280ms, slower than Cold War but still faster than BO4.

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Compare this to Modern Warfare 2019, which maxed out at just below 200ms, and there is a stark difference between the two, as you can see in the graphs shown in XclusiveAce’s video.

Timestamp of 4:00

Meanwhile, many fans are frustrated with the “horrific” and inconsitent TTK of Modern Warfare 3.

With many complaints that the game’s TTK is too slow, we may yet see them reduce things slightly to bring it closer to MW2019/MW2, though that won’t happen without the complaints of players who prefer the current gameplay.

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