How to play Modern Warfare 3 Zombies in third person

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MW3 Zombies lets players switch freely between first and third-person perspectives. Here’s how the feature works.

Modern Warfare 3 marks a season of change for Call of Duty in myriad ways. Most significantly, the new release brings about the debut of Zombies mode in the long-running Modern Warfare series.

Treyarch Studios developed the mode in conjunction with Sledgehammer Games and High Moon Studios, an effort that jettisons Zombies’ usual round-based offerings in favor of a PvE-centric, sandbox experience.

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Fortunately, while players hone their teamwork skills, they’ll also have the option to leisurely switch perspectives at the press of a button.

Here’s how third-person mode works in MW3 Zombies

Modern Warfare 3 users interested in playing Zombies in third-person need only to perform one action — hold down on the controller’s D-pad.

From this point of view, players will still be able to shoot, sprint, slide, and jump their way across MW3’s Urzikstan map. As expected, the POV shift pulls the camera back and offers a much wider view of the action. Players should, in turn, have an easier time spotting zombies before they get too close for comfort.

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Call of Duty-dedicated Twitter account MW2 OG showcased third-person mode in MW3 Zombies in the following gameplay clip:

Better still, switching back to first-person is just as simple as changing to third-person. Again, holding down the D-pad does the trick instantaneously.

It’ll be up to players to decide whether or not this is an optimal way of enjoying Modern Warfare’s first foray into the world of Zombies.

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