How to fix packet burst error: Modern Warfare 3 issue explained

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Now that Modern Warfare 3 has launched, players are facing the challenge of packet bursts, an annoying network error. We’ve outlined effective methods to combat and minimize this issue in MW3.

Packet burst, a frustrating server error, often leads to lag and stuttering during gameplay. Players can usually identify these problems, with an on-screen indicator serving as a confirmation.

Three squares laid on top of each other on the left of the screen indicate that you are experiencing packet burst. The squares may also be accompanied by actual text saying ‘packet burst’ to confirm the issue.

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Here are a few ways players can try to mitigate the packet burst that they are experiencing while playing MW3.

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How to fix packet burst error in Modern Warfare 3

One of the easiest ways to help fix lag is to restart the platform that you are connected to. By restarting your computer, Xbox or PlayStation this gives MW3 a chance to reset. However if the issue persists there are some other simple fixes that may help.

Six ways to fix packet burst issues in MW3

  1. Reboot MW3 – Close the game and restart it to reset the servers, ensuring a fresh connection and resolving the packet burst error.
  2. Refresh Wi-Fi – Exit MW3 to reach the main menu, then locate the reset button on your Wi-Fi router.
  3. Disable Crossplay – On PlayStation 4/5, navigate to MW Settings, select ‘Account & Network,’ and disable crossplay in the ‘Online’ tab.
    • On Xbox One and Series X/S, go to ‘Settings‘ – ‘Account’ – ‘Privacy & online safety’ – ‘Xbox privacy’ – ‘View details and customize’ – ‘Communication & multiplayer’ – turn off ‘You can join cross-network play.’
    • Note that PC does not support disabling crossplay.
  4. Deactivate On-Demand Texture Streaming – On consoles, access your Settings, scroll to Graphics, and disable ‘On Demand Texture Streaming.’
  5. Switch to Ethernet – While your Wi-Fi router is on, connect an Ethernet cable between the router and your gaming platform for a more stable connection.
  6. Seek Support – If issues persist, contact Activision Support through its website for further assistance.

Hopefully, these solutions have successfully resolved the issue.

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That’s all you need to know about the packet burst error in Modern Warfare 3. For additional MW3 guides, make sure to explore the rest of our Call of Duty content.

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