How to get Godzilla & King Kong Operator skins in Warzone & Vanguard

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Godzilla Kong bundles Warzone

Three limited-time Godzilla and King Kong-themed bundles are set to launch across Warzone and CoD Vanguard throughout Season 3 and we’ve got the full breakdown of all there is to know.

Cosmetics are always a major focal point with new seasonal updates in CoD and Warzone Season 3 is no exception. With the launch of the latest major patch comes all-new bundles highlighting the highly anticipated crossover with Godzilla and Kong.

From exclusive tracer rounds to insane Operator skins, there’s plenty for players to get their hands on this time around.

While it’s still early days yet, here’s a full breakdown of everything we know. From release dates to items in each bundle, we’ve got you covered.


Warzone Season 3 artwork
Warzone Season 3 is set to be dominated by Godzilla & Kong-themed cosmetics.

Godzilla & King Kong bundle release dates in Warzone & Vanguard

The Godzilla skin arrived in-game on May 6, but players are still waiting for the King Kong and Mecha Godzilla versions to debut.

There’s been no official announcement about when the latter two will hit the store, but the May 11 arrival of Operation Monarch could be one to keep an eye on. 

Be sure to check back over the coming days as we’ll keep you posted here with a full release schedule for all three bundles.

How to get Mechagodzilla & King Kong bundles in Warzone & Vanguard

As soon as the respective Godzilla and King Kong bundles go live across Warzone and Vanguard, players will be able to purchase them through the in-game store.

The standalone Godzilla bundle costs 2400 COD Points so it stands to reason that the others will be at a similar price

Warzone Operation Monarch graphic
Operation Monarch could indicate the release date for these unique cosmetic bundles.

Purchasing multiple bundles prior to Monday, June 16 also provides some bonus goodies.

For those who buy two of the themed bundles, you’ll unlock a special Godzilla vs Kong Weapon Sticker and Player Title. While those who purchase all three bundles unlock a Legendary Apex Phase Rifle SMG Blueprint.

Mechagodzilla and King Kong Bundle items

Tracer Pack: Godzilla Reactive Mastercraft Limited Time Bundle

Warzone Godzilla gameplay
Godzilla (left) is the focus of just one of three upcoming bundles.
  • “Godzilla Ghillie” Legendary Operator skin
  • “Breath of Godzilla” Assault Rifle Weapon blueprint
  • “Awakened Alpha” Legendary LMG blueprint
  • “Gojira Stomp” Finishing Move
  • “Protector of Earth” Calling Card
  • Two Sprays
  • “Godzilla Heat Ray” Animated Emblem
  • “Big Mistake” MVP Highlight (Vanguard exclusive)

Tracer Pack: Kong Limited Time Bundle

Warzone Kong Operator skin
Kong’s unique bundle comes with a green tracer pack.
  • “Kong” Legendary Operator Skin
  • “Temple of Kong” Sniper Rifle weapon blueprint
  • “Skull Island Shaker” SMG weapon blueprint
  • “Kong’s Scepter” Melee weapon blueprint
  • “Gravity Inversion” Finishing Move
  • “Primal Power” Spray
  • “Jia’s Doll” Weapon Charm
  • “Kong Roar” Animated Emblem
  • “Watch Your Back” Highlight Intro (Vanguard exclusive)

Tracer Pack: Mechagodzilla Limited Time Bundle

Warzone mechagodzilla skin
Mechagodzilla rounds out the limited-time cosmetic bundles on offer.
  • “Mechagodzilla” Legendary Operator skin
  • “Machine Learning” MVP Highlight x2 (Vanguard exclusive)
  • “Rival Protocol” Highlight Intro (Vanguard exclusive)
  • “Cybernetic Destroyer” Assault Rifle weapon blueprint
  • Legendary “Neural Uplink” SMG weapon blueprint
  • “Nanometal Tail Blade” Melee weapon blueprint
  • “Network Uptime” Watch
  • “Mechagodzilla Head” Charm
  • “Evolving Together” Emblem

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