Leaked Warzone Season 3 artwork confirms Godzilla vs Kong event: Operation Monarch details

Warzone pacific Godzilla vs kongWarner Bros. / Activision

Brand new Warzone Pacific Season 3 artwork has leaked online through the PlayStation Network, confirming the long-teased Godzilla vs Kong event set to shake up Caldera.

Exactly two months ago the Warzone community first heard rumors of a potential King Kong event. Ever since, clues have been piling up as the popular CoD Battle Royale heads towards its major Season 3 update.

From the tease of significant map changes to powerful new weapons, we’ve seen plenty of hints pointing towards the arrival of some larger-than-life monsters in Warzone. Now, it appears all but official.

Following on from multiple teaser trailers on official CoD social channels, promotional artwork for a Godzilla vs Kong Warzone event has leaked through the PlayStation Network.

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Warzone Season 3 artworkActivision
Warzone Pacific Season 3 is set to mark the arrival of both Godzilla and King Kong on Caldera.

Warzone Godzilla vs Kong event leaked

With a new Modern Warfare application update added to the PlayStation Network on April 20, artwork instantly leaked online for the next major Warzone event.

Officially titled Operation Monarch, this artwork confirmed both Godzilla and King Kong are set to fight across Caldera in the weeks to come. 

Featuring the official Warzone logo next to the official Godzilla vs Kong logo from the 2021 Warner Bros. film, Operation Monarch is locked in for Season 3.

“The battle begins May 11,” the graphic revealed, setting up the stage for this limited-time event just two weeks after the Season 3 launch on April 27.

While it’s now official, there’s no telling exactly what this event may entail. Map destruction seems to be a given, as earlier artwork showed Caldera on fire, but the true scope of this ‘battle’ between monsters remains unclear.

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Beyond that, the usual assortment of weapon blueprints, Operator skins, and unique gameplay features are all expected. Be sure to keep an eye on our dedicated Warzone Season 3 hub to stay on top of all the latest news.