New Warzone Godzilla x Kong collab’s focus on bundles is underwhelming

Shane Black
Warzone Kong skin with Kong in background

The newest collaboration between Warzone and Godzilla x Kong is a steep downgrade from the last event when it should have been a slam dunk.

The newest collaboration between Warzone and Godzilla x Kong ignores what made the last one so great in favor of just cosmetics.

When the game last had everyone’s favorite Titans come into play, it had not only some great new operator skins but also an epic game mode that brought both to life.

This new event feels like a stripped-back content drop that is more about bundles than a new experience.

In 2022, Warzone and Call of Duty: Vanguard used the hype from the previous year’s Godzilla vs. Kong to create a truly fun event.

Across both titles, operator skin bundles were released based on the titular characters, as well as the movie’s surprise villain, Mechagodzilla, which turned out to be a fan-favorite to wear.

Warzone Godzilla vs. Kong Operation Monarch

But beyond that, Warzone was given Operation Monarch, a new mode that saw players diving into Caldera to complete missions, all while Godzilla and Kong wreaked havoc across the map. It was a thrilling experience that had fans taking the Titans head-on.

But, for some reason, this newest collaboration isn’t bringing that game mode back. Instead, the community just has premium bundles that feel like a step backward in design.

The complaints are coming out all over social media, with one person commenting on a teaser video released on X, saying: “The Kong Skin is so bulky.”

Others are criticizing how a recent skin can look better than that of one of cinema’s most iconic creatures: “So you guys are adding a raptor skin that looks good but your gonna give me the worst Godzilla skin in history? Come on…”

The worst thing, though, is that they could have brought Operation Monarch back to Warzone with little to no changes, and people would have loved it. As one user comments: “I wish Godzilla and Kong were both back stomping around the map again like in the Operation Monarch event. That was the best time I’ve ever had playing the game.”

It’s a disappointing collaboration that had the blueprints to be great but relies too much on pushing bundles.

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