Everything in Warzone Pacific Season 2 Reloaded: Rebirth map changes, new weapons, more

Brad Norton
Warzone Pacific Season 2 gameplay

With the Warzone Pacific Season 2 Reloaded patch now upon us, we’ve got a full look at everything packed into the latest major update. From Rebirth Island changes to new quality of life improvements, here’s everything you need to know before dropping in.

As Warzone Pacific Season 2 rolls on, we’ve now reached the next big content drop in the form of the Reloaded patch.

While Season 2 provided one of the biggest updates yet with everything from new POIs and equipment to unique vehicles, the Reloaded update still gave provided a great deal more.

From a new Rebirth map overhaul to an assortment of game-changing features, there was plenty implemented through the latest update.

Below is a full rundown on everything there is to know about the Warzone Pacific Season 2 Reloaded patch now in effect.


Warzone Vanguard Season 2 Reloaded roadmap
Season 2 Reloaded ushered in plenty of changes to Vanguard and Warzone.

Warzone Pacific Season 2 Reloaded: Release Date

The Warzone Pacific Season 2 Reloaded patch went live on Wednesday, March 23 at 9AM PT.

As Season 2 went live on February 14, we learned the Battle Pass runs for 72 days in total. This put our halfway point for the season directly at March 23.

Warzone Pacific Season 2 Reloaded: Rebirth Island map changes

After roughly 15 months of regular Rebirth, the bite-sized battle royale map was finally in store for some huge changes.

Up first came an entirely new POI known as ‘Stronghold.’ This area replaced the often overlooked Security Area POI and provides far more of an incentive to now visit that particular corner of the island. Two additional POIs have also been added in the form of Prison Courtyard and Dock.

Furthermore, Season 2 Reloaded also implemented Redeploy Balloons on Rebirth, giving players a far more effective method of rotating.

Rebirth Island
Rebirth received an entirely new overhaul in Warzone Season 2 Reloaded.

Last but not least, Communication Towers also arrived to mix things up. These brand new additions provide a single UAV ping for the cost of $1500.

Be sure to check out our full rundown on every Rebirth Island map change in the Season 2 Reloaded patch.

Warzone Pacific Season 2 Reloaded: Rebirth Reinforced event

A limited-time Rebirth Reinforced event kicked things off following the Season 2 Reloaded patch. As usual, this event comes with a unique set of challenges and rewards, though there’s more to this particular occasion than first meets the eye.

Community Challenges have been announced for Rebirth Reinforced, giving players more of an incentive to grind on the newly updated map. Some of the biggest rewards are locked behind tasks that require the full Warzone community to work together.

From massive XP boosts to entire new features on the map, there’s plenty to strive for as a community during the Rebirth Reinforced event.

Warzone Pacific Season 2 Reloaded: Weapon Trading System

Brand new in the Season 2 Reloaded update is a Weapon Trading System on Rebirth Island. Rather than spending hard-earned cash to purchase equipment or streaks, this new Trading System allows you to exchange weapons instead.

Warzone gameplay
Community Challenges are well worth the effort in Season 2 Reloaded.

Say for instance, you find a Legendary gun on the ground but have no use for it. With a Weapon Trading System nearby, you can simply hand over this unwanted weapon and grab yourself anything from a UAV to a Self-Revive.

While the feature is exclusive to Rebirth to begin, it’s expected to arrive in regular BR modes later this year.

Warzone Pacific Season 2 Reloaded: Quality of life improvements

With the arrival of Season 2 came a wide range of smaller gameplay adjustments. Looking to improve the moment-to-moment experience, everything from Gas Mask animations to Fighter Planes were tweaked. Now with Season 2 Reloaded, a handful of extra changes have been added.

Based on previous intel, we knew of three particular quality of life improvements locked in early. Now with the full patch out the door, we know of almost a dozen gameplay tweaks that were included.

Players in Warzone's gas.
You’ll can finally drop your Gas Mask in Warzone.

Following the latest update, players can change from prone to crouched while downed, drop their Gas Masks, and also pick up extra Armor from other Armor Satchels. Beyond that, Portable Buy Stations are also available to change the pace of any given match.

Rather than rushing to a fixed Buy Station, teams are now able to drop their own on the map for easy access.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, however, as even more gameplay changes were loaded in the full Season 2 Reloaded update. You can check out the full list here before dropping into the new patch.

Warzone Pacific Season 2 Reloaded: Health buffs

For the first time ever in standard Warzone battle royale playlists, health buffs have been implemented. Rather than introducing the change as a surprise in the Season 2 Reloaded update, however, Raven Software let fans call the shots.

In a March 16 Twitter poll, players were able to vote on a slight health change for the upcoming patch. With the vast majority voting in favor of a bump from the regular 100HP to 150HP, ordinary playlists now align with Vanguard Royale’s incremental shift.

Warzone Pacific Season 2 Reloaded: Patch Notes

The full Warzone Pacific Season 2 Reloaded patch notes were made available just hours before the update went live on March 23.

From ground loot changes to a range of bug fixes, there’s plenty to wrap your head around. Be sure to brush up on the full patch notes here.