Warzone devs respond to Rebirth Island concerns over possible map changes

Eleni Thomas
Rebirth Island Call of Duty header

Warzone devs Raven Software have cleared up lingering concerns from fans in regards to the reintegration of Rebirth Island, a beloved BR map.

Warzone Season 3 is shaping up to be a big step in the right direction for Call of Duty fans. Players eagerly await the return of one of the franchise’s most beloved maps in Rebirth Island.

In the lead-up to the big content drop, the Warzone dev team dropped a new trailer, teasing their community and offering up some new insight into what everyone can expect from Warzone Season 3.

While reception to the trailer and new details has been mainly positive, one source of concern for Warzone players is the changes that are being made to Rebirth with its reintegration into the game. Visual differences alone had many fearing POI adjustments, map reworks, and the like.

As a result, Raven Software, the dev team behind Warzone, issued a notice to their fans on social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter) to clear up any concerns or confusion players may have regarding the reintroduction of Rebirth Island.

“At the launch of Season 3, we’re reintroducing Rebirth Island to Warzone. While a number of gameplay updates and visual polish have been made, this version of Rebirth Island stays true to the original experience our players know and love.”

This update has been received positively by fans, many appreciating the communication from the devs as well as clearing up community concerns.

One X user commented, “Okay fair enough you won me over with this. Appreciate the explanation.” Another added, “This is nice, we like this. This is very good communication. Fast and simple.”

Warzone Season 3 is scheduled to go live on April 3, 2024 and with it, so too is Rebirth Island.