Warzone Season 2 Reloaded improves parachutes, Gas Masks in huge quality of life patch

Warzone gameplayActivision

With the Warzone Pacific Season 2 Reloaded update comes an assortment of Quality of Life (QoL) changes to help smooth out moment-to-moment gameplay. From new parachute improvements to various Contract adjustments, here’s all you need to know.

With Warzone Pacific’s hefty Season 2 Reloaded update, the Call of Duty battle royale is set to implement almost a dozen crucial gameplay improvements. 

While some are fairly minor, like being able to drop a Gas Mask, others such as portable Buy Stations could have a dramatic impact on the state of the game.

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Given the size of the latest content drop, with everything from an overhauled Rebirth Island map to a new weapon trading system also included, there’s plenty to wrap your head around. So here’s a full breakdown of the latest QoL improvements in Warzone before you drop into the Season 2 Reloaded update.

Warzone gameplayActivision
Dropping Gas Masks could come in clutch to help your teammates in a rough spot.

Kicking things off, we have the previously teased improvements that didn’t quite make it into the Season 2 patch. Gas Masks can be dropped, Armor can be picked up from other Armor Satchels, and players can now control their revived state.

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When it comes to the latter point, Warzone has always defaulted to making Operators stand back up when being revived. Moving forward, however, that will no longer be the case. Now, players can choose if they want to come back to life in a prone, crouched, or standing position.

In relation to movement in the battle royale, parachutes are finally changing with a highly requested improvement. Parachutes can now be cut much closer to the ground than before. So for skilled players looking to be as efficient as possible, this slight adjustment should make a world of difference.

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Warzone gameplayActivision
Your squad no longer has to drive to a regular Buy Station in Warzone. Now, you can deploy one yourself.

Perhaps the most significant gameplay tweak in the Pacific Season 2 Reloaded patch has to do with new portable Buy Stations. 

While many will still remain in fixed positions on the map, players also have the option to throw out their own markers and call in a personal Buy Station. Not only should this help if your team is in a rough spot, but it could also come in clutch as the final zone shrinks.

Also included in the update are a number of slight Contract adjustments and general UI updates. The full list of new quality of life changes in the Warzone Pacific Season 2 Reloaded patch can be found below.

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All Warzone Pacific Season 2 Reloaded quality of life changes

  • Players can drop Gas Masks.
  • Players can pick up Armor Plates from satchels on the Ground if you have a satchel already.
  • New UI addition tells you how many plates a satchel has on the ground.
  • When you are downed, you can now set the state you are revived into (prone, crouched, standing).
  • Contract Updates:
    • Contracts rotate at an angle to get better visibility (45-degree angle).
    • Contracts remain on Tac Map even when you have a Contract in Progress.
    • Rebalanced distribution of Contracts to ensure Bounties are favored.
    • Most Wanted has been removed from Top Secret.
  • Improvements for Smoke Grenades: When you see Red Smoke, you’ll see an aura around it, so you know it’s active.
  • Added Portable Buy Stations: Players can throw out a marker, Buy Station will land at your location, wherever you are. Comes with a unique in-world marker to distinguish from default Buy Stations on the map.
  • Parachutes changes: Players can cut the parachute much closer to the ground than before.
  • Improved heavy weapon drops.

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