Warzone Season 2 brings stun fixes, armor changes in massive quality of life update

Brad Norton
Warzone gameplay

Warzone’s major Season 2 update is set to introduce more than just new content as a whopping 30 quality of life improvements are also bundled into the patch. From armor plate changes to gas mask improvements, there’s plenty to look forward to.

Warzone Season 2 is shaping up to be one of the biggest battle royale updates yet. While new map changes, weapons, and a raft of gameplay features top the bill, an array of improvements under the hood are also set to be rolled out.

A total of 30 quality of life adjustments have been revealed as developers aim to tighten Warzone’s moment-to-moment gameplay from all angles. From equipment changes to general movement fixes, there’s a ton to wrap your head around.

So before dropping into Season 2, here’s all you need to know about the most significant quality of life improvements on the way in Warzone.

Warzone gas mask gameplay
Gas Masks will no longer interrupt ADS in Warzone Season 2.

Warzone Season 2 qualify of life improvements

30 key gameplay changes are set to be deployed as part of the Season 2 patch. Whether it’s specific features or broader mechanics, almost everything has come under the microscope.

Topping the list is a range of movement tweaks. Both on-foot and in-vehicle movement should feel a great deal smoother in Season 2. Not only will Caldera be easier to scale with “increased mantle height,” but driving up and down various mountains looks to be faster than ever with a “reduction in collision of world geometry.”

Furthermore, a number of obstructions have been removed to aid your movement as well. Parachutes can be pulled much lower to the ground, avoiding any accidental deaths moving forward, and Stun Grenades are even on the way out in the Vanguard Royale playlist, meaning there’s one less piece of equipment to deal with.

Warzone Peak gameplay
Peak should feature as the final zone less often in Season 2.

When it comes to combat changes, experienced Warzone players will be delighted to hear Gas Masks are finally being fixed. No longer will the brief animation interrupt a critical gunfight.

Also bundled into the Season 2 patch is a long-requested change to the way Armor Plates function. Using a full plate will now prioritize a full plate’s worth or armor, rather than filling a small bit of damage first.

Rounding out the list comes one key change to Caldera in particular. After weeks of complaints surrounding the new Pacific map layout, Peak should be less of an issue as we press forward. The final circle has a lesser chance of honing in on the controversial POI, which should allow for more even finishes to your games.

Below is a full look at every Warzone Pacific Season 2 quality of life improvement we know of thus far:

  • Traversal Improvements: Increased mantle height & collision fixes.
  • Gas Mask: Animation won’t interrupt a player in ADS.
  • Armor Plates: Refills full plate of armor before filling damaged.
  • Vehicles: Handling and a reduction in collision of world geometry.
  • Parachute Improvements: Including being able to deploy them at a lower vertical height.
  • Restrictions: Dead Silence and Stun Grenades removed from Vanguard Royale.
  • Stunned Fix: Aim assist now scales appropriately. Won’t increase aim assist strength.
  • Nerfs: Fighter Planes and Gasoline Cannisters.
  • Buffs: Anti Air Cannons.
  • Final Circle: Less likely to end on Peak.

Quality of life improvements in Warzone Season 2 Reloaded

While Season 2 is in focus, we already know of further quality of life changes on the way for the mid-season patch.

Season 2 Reloaded is expected to bring at least three key gameplay tweaks that missed the first window. Perhaps most significant is the added option of changing your stance while downed. Once this patch arrives, players will be able to swap between Crouched and Prone stance to avoid incoming fire while waiting for a revive.

Warzone gameplay
Players will soon be able to change their downed state in Warzone.

While details are still scarce given this update is weeks away, below is an early look at the three changes we already know of:

  • Downed: Able to control resurrect state: Prone vs Crouched.
  • Gas Masks: Ability to drop.
  • Armor: Pick up from another Armor Satchel.

For now though, the plethora of upgrades arriving in the February 14 update will be a pleasant surprise, with plenty of look forward to.