Everything in Warzone Pacific Season 2: Release date, map changes, new vehicles

Warzone Season 2 artworkActivision

The Warzone Pacific Season 2 update is finally here and we’ve got the full breakdown of everything packed into the latest patch. From new Caldera map changes to unique vehicles and weapons, here’s what you need to know about the major update.

10 weeks since Warzone’s jump to the Pacific and Season 1 is now drawing to a close. With delays making this one of the longest seasons to date, the popular Call of Duty battle royale is finally set to shake things up in February.

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The highly-anticipated Season 2 update is locked in and appears to be bringing more new content than usual. From map changes on the divisive Caldera to devastating new vehicles and plenty more in-between, there’s a ton to get familiar with.

So before the big patch arrives, get ahead of the curve with our early rundown of everything there is to know about the Warzone Pacific Season 2 update.


Warzone Pacific Season 2: Full Roadmap

The full Warzone Pacific Season 2 roadmap was revealed on February 9. This stacked schedule revealed not just content arriving on day one, but extras on the way throughout Season 2 as well.

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Warzone Pacific Season 2 update roadmapActivision
The full Warzone Pacific Season 2 roadmap is packed full of content.

From the announcement of Rebirth Island Iron Trials to a new Rebirth Reinforced layout, there’s plenty on the horizon beyond the update itself.

Warzone Pacific Season 2: Caldera map changes

Following on from various Season 2 leaks, an in-game bug accidentally let slip some interesting tweaks for Caldera.

With the minimap showcasing a different outline to what the player was seeing in front of them, Raven Software quickly cleared the air to prevent more confusion.

“Maybe the map knows about a change coming to this area in Season 2?” the devs teased.

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Days later, the devs revealed two massive new locations known as The Chemical Factory and Chemical Research Labs.

Warzone The Chemical Factory POIActivision
The Chemical Factory is a huge addition to Caldera in Season 2.

The Chemical Factory POI has been dropped between Mines and Docks. What once looked like a refinery now appears as Nebula V plant, with deadly gas seeping out.

Expect this to be one of the hottest drop sites in Season 2 as it comes packing valuable rewards, including a chance at the new Nebula V Bomb, more on that below.

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The second map change in Season 2 doesn’t appear on the surface. Rather, new facilities have been scattered underneath Caldera. There’s only one entry point for these POIs so it’s worth preparing for a fight before jumping in.

Warzone Pacific Season 2: New Bomber vehicle

“Fresh off the assembly line” comes a brand new “fleet of Bombers” in Warzone Season 2, early leaks first revealed. These powerful new vehicles were soon confirmed by Activision and are now live in-game.

From day one, Loadout Drops have always been invincible. In Season 2, however, that has changed as these new Bombers can outright destroy them.

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Warzone Bombers gameplayActivision
Bombers could be set to dominate Warzone Season 2.

To help balance these new aerial vehicles, Activision has nerfed planes as a whole. Health decreases are now in effect to make them less of a threat moving forward.

Warzone Pacific Season 2: Nebula V & Portable Decontamination Stations

Nebula V is a brand new element in play in Warzone Season 2. Not only can this feature make your weapons stronger, but a rare Nebula V Bomb can even change how players navigate Caldera.

As a new Field Upgrade, squads are able to utilize Nebula V Ammo to their advantage. While the bullets themselves don’t deal extra damage, downing a target causes them to erupt with a poisonous gas cloud. This can prevent allies from reviving unless they have a Gas Mask.

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On the more deadly side of the equation comes the Nebula V Bomb. As its name implies, this is a rare item that players can detonate on Caldera for massive damage. Following an initial blast, this item then spreads deadly gas in a wide radius for up to two minutes. Those without a Gas Mask will have to think fast and flee the area.

Warzone Season 2 Nebula V gameplayActivision
The new P.D.S. Field Equipment can keep your team safe from Nebula V gas.

To counter the new Nebula V additions, teams can now rely on a Portable Decontamination Station (P.D.S.). This piece of equipment removes gas in a small area for a brief period.

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This can give you a short window to revive allies in a toxic area, or even help you survive out in the gas in the final zone.

Warzone Pacific Season 2: Armored Transport Trucks

New Armored Transport Trucks are responsible for driving the toxic Nebula V gas around Caldera.

Expect to see these in almost every match throughout Season 2 but rest assured, taking them out could be the key to victory for your team.

Warzone Season 2 Armored truck gameplayActivision
Armored Transport Trucks could put an end to your run if you’re not careful in Warzone Season 2.

Each vehicle contains extremely rare loot and in some cases, even a Nebula V Bomb for your squad to use.

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You’ll need to be careful of its machine gun turrets and deadly mines, however, as these trucks don’t mess around.

Warzone Pacific Season 2: Redeploy Balloons

If you’re one of many who find Caldera “boring” due to its slower pace, Redeploy Balloons have been implemented just for you.

Looking to up the ante in Season 2, this feature now lets players launch into the sky, similar to the Red Balloons in Apex Legends.

Warzone Redeploy Balloon gameplayActivision
Redeploy Balloons should speed up combat in Caldera.

Latching onto a Redeploy Balloon will have you flying through the air for a quick rotation. This should greatly speed up navigation across the newest Warzone map.

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Warzone Pacific Season 2: Rebirth Island map changes & Iron Trials

Not only has Caldera changed in the big Season 2 patch, but Rebirth Island is also in line for some updates as well. “Something lurks within Rebirth Island’s shadows,” devs teased on February 8.

There’s no telling exactly what this means just yet, but Raven Software teased “substantial changes” are set to arrive in the middle of the season.

CoD Warzone Iron Trials gameplayActivision
Iron Trials is finally returning to Warzone in Season 2.

Furthermore, Iron Trials is making its long-awaited Warzone return, though with a big twist. Rather than focusing on the main map, Iron Trials will soon be live for Rebirth Island instead.

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Serving as a more competitive Duos playlist, this mode ramps up TTK, tightens the rules, and features a different loot pool containing just Cold War weaponry.

Warzone Pacific Season 2: New weapons

As with every new seasonal update, Season 2 brings some extra firepower. This time around, four unique weapons are on the way to Warzone throughout the latest season.

CoD Vanguard Season 2 gunsActivision
Four new weapons are set to shake up Warzone in Season 2.

The KG M40 Assault Rifle and Whitley LMG were both made available at launch. Meanwhile, the Ice Axe melee/throwable weapon and Armaguerra 43 SMG are set to arrive later in Season 2.

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Be sure to brush up with full details on all four weapons before they make an impact in Warzone.

Warzone Pacific Season 2: Patch Notes

Ahead of the February 14, update Raven Software provided the full Season 2 patch notes. Highlighted by nerfs to the Bren and MP-40, along with a handful of bug fixes, there was plenty to digest.

You can check out the full patch notes for Warzone Pacific Season 2 here.

Warzone Pacific Season 2: Battle Pass

As with every new seasonal update in CoD, a full 100-Tier Battle Pass just landed in Warzone Pacific Season 2.

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From two powerful weapons to a Semtex Grenade and a variety of Operator skins, there’s plenty to get your hands on this time around.

Warzone Vanguard Season 2 Battle PassActivision
The Warzone Pacific Season 2 Battle Pass comes packed with Blueprints, Skins, and even equipment to unlock.

Reaching Tier 100 also provides a handful of special rewards beyond just a Legendary White Mirage Anna Skin.

Be sure to brush up on everything in the Season 2 Battle Pass with our in-depth breakdown.

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