All Rebirth Island map changes in Warzone Season 2 Reloaded: New POIs & features


Rebirth Island received a major overhaul in the Warzone Pacific Season 2 Reloaded patch with new POIs and features aplenty. Here’s a full breakdown of what’s new in the fan-favorite battle royale map.

For the first time since its introduction in 2020, Rebirth Island is in the spotlight with new map changes and features arriving as part of the Warzone Pacific Season 2 Reloaded update.

The map itself has been tweaked in a number of ways to keep the experience fresh. While some old areas have been removed and new layouts have been added, rest assured it’s still the same Rebirth as before, just with a few key upgrades.

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From the addition of the Stronghold POI to the brand new Communication Towers, here’s a full rundown on all there is to know about the latest Rebirth Island map changes.

The Security Area POI is no more in Rebirth Island. Now, this part of the map is known as Stronghold.

Stronghold POI replaces Security Area

If you’re an experienced Rebirth player, you’ll know that the Security Area POI is among the least popular in the game. Given its awkward position off to the side of the map, it’s rarely a good drop spot since you’re limited in options when it comes time to rotate.

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Addressing this problem head-on, the newly upgraded version of Rebirth has overhauled this spot entirely. Now known as ‘Stronghold,’ this POI has been described by the developers as one of the “strongest places on the map.”

Now a viable landing spot, you should be able to find plenty of valuable early-game loot. Moreover, with new ways to navigate around the map, more on that below, rotating from this side of the island is easier than ever. 

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New Dock and Prison Courtyard POI

The new Docks POI is certain to shake up Rebirth.

Dock is one of the new POIs on Rebirth Reinforced. Players can find this located near Construction Site as it extends out into the water. Part of this includes a ship that is fully accessible.

There is also another boat located next to the Nova 6 Facotry. Players can explore both of these ships for loot and any enemies that may be on the loose.

On top of this, Prison Courtyard got reworked with stronger materials being added around, making it hard to shoot enemies that are on the run.

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Redeploy Balloons & Communication Towers

With Warzone Pacific’s Season 2 update came the Redeploy Balloons in Caldera. While these Apex Legends-style balloons raised eyebrows at first, they quickly became some of the most popular additions in recent updates.

In just a few quick seconds, players can zipline up the skies, redeploy, and glide back down to a new chunk of the map. It allows for some of the fastest rotations in Warzone today and now, the feature is making its mark on Rebirth as well.

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warzone redeploy balloonActivision
Redeploy Balloons have been a hit since their arrival in Caldera.

Alongside a few Redeploy Balloons scattered throughout, the new version of Rebirth also comes with something completely new: Communications Towers. 

Using these Towers provides a similar effect to a UAV. For $1,500, players can activate them to send out a single UAV-style ping on the map. While it’s extremely brief, just one ping could be all that’s needed to help your team in a crucial moment.

As the first major update to Rebirth in 15 months, expect these new additions to be fairly hot following the Season 2 Reloaded patch.

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