CoD Modern Warfare 2 could have paid DLC in 2023: report

MW2 in 2023Activision

Activision is reportedly looking at ongoing DLC for Modern Warfare 2 in 2023 as the company delays the launch of the next game in the series.

Earlier in February, a report by Bloomberg claimed that CoD would take a break in 2023 following the release of Modern Warfare 2, a new mobile CoD and Warzone 2.

With the 2023 installment of Call of Duty being delayed, players have been wondering what the plan will be for Infinity Ward and their second year of Modern Warfare 2.

Now, according to reporter Jason Schreier, Activision held several town halls with development studios to go over the plans and the new release cycle.

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Modern Warfare 2 might have paid DLC

In a tweet following up on his earlier report, Schreier indicated that the plans for 2023 are “nebulous” but downloadable content is on the table.

“Sounds like plans for 2023 are still a little nebulous but will include ongoing DLC for 2022’s Modern Warfare game among other things. And Treyarch gets an extra year,” he wrote.

When asked if this DLC would be in the form of a paid expansion or traditional season-style content that players have become accustomed with, Schreier replied, “That’s what’s nebulous.”

As such, it seems as if paid DLC could be returning to CoD, at least in theory. Nothing has been confirmed just yet, and it’s possible that Activision is still in the process of deciding what way to go.

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If we do end up getting paid DLC, it will be interesting to see what route Activision takes, whether it’s in the form of maps or something larger to fill the year-long gap.

In any case, with studios only just being made aware of the plans, we’ll have to see how things play out and what Activision decides on come fall of 2023.