What is Warzone’s Weapon Trade Stations on Rebirth Reinforced


Warzone Season 2 Reloaded is shaking up the fundamentals the battle royale fans are used to and has introduced the Weapon Trade Stations on Rebirth Reinforced. Here’s everything to know about the new mechanic. 

With the mid-season update slated for March 23, players will be able to get their hands on plenty of fresh content. Raven Software have dialed into refreshing the game and giving their player base new features.

From another quality of life wave to a new Rebirth experience, they are checking off those boxes, but there’s an even bigger feature that could shake up the game.

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As part of the Rebirth Reinforced update, the map is getting the Weapon Trading System, which uses guns to buy items. Here’s how the system works and the rewards you can reap.

Warzone Weapon Trading System explained

Reddit: u/Jordan84792
The Weapon Trading System will let players deposit guns for currency.

Revealed in a March 21 blog post, the Weapon Trading System will be the game’s newest way to pay for items on Rebirth.

Instead of using your cash, players will be able to convert weapons into a new form of currency, that can then be used to buy things. The higher the weapon rank, the more it’s worth. So Legendary weapons will be a lot more valuable than a common ground gun.

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With your converted earning, you can get “Cash, equipment, Armor Satchels, Self-Revive Kits, Killstreaks… or even a Specialist Token.”

Warzone weapons on floorReddit: u/CoriAnne722
Warzone players will be able to take loot from dead bodies and convert it to items.

However, to unlock this system, players must complete the Community Challenge. This consists of the entire lobby getting kills, once that is done, people that participated will now be able to use this system.

This new system could serve as a way to reward players for getting kills. After wiping a team, instead of wasting their weapons, you can loot them and deposit guns into the machine to buy, what could possibly be, game-changing items.

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This feature is currently only going to be available on Rebirth Reinforced, but don’t worry. People that tend to play more of the classic BR will be getting this feature at a later date.