All Modern Warfare 3 Achievements & Trophies: 40 challenges to complete in-game

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If you’re curious about all the challenges in Modern Warfare 3, we’ve got a rundown of all the Achievements and Trophies you can earn in the FPS title right here.

The latest game in the Call of Duty franchise, Modern Warfare 3 is finally here, and while it shares the name of a 2011 title, this new release is actually, for the most part, a recreation of 2009’s Modern Warfare 2.

With a full set of remade multiple maps from the classic release, a fresh campaign, a vast Zombies experience, and plenty more thrown in the mix, there’s plenty to keep you occupied in the game. So for completionists out there, you’ve got a tall order ahead if you’re looking to unlock every Achievement and Trophy.

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Below is the complete rundown of all the Achievements and Trophies you can obtain in Modern Warfare 3 as you head toward that 100% completion mark.

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This year’s CoD spreads its Achievements and Trophies across all core game modes.

Full Modern Warfare 3 Achievement & Trophy list

  • A Soldier’s Purpose (Platinum) – Collect all the Trophies
  • The First Step (Gold) – Reach Level 55
  • And So It Begins (Bronze) – Successfully Exfil in MWZ
  • Write Off (Bronze) – Kill 500 Enemies using an Insured Weapon in MWZ
  • Perkaholic (Bronze) – Have 9 perks active at the same time in MWZ
  • Gravestone (Bronze) – Kill 100 Zombies with a vehicle in a single deployment in MWZ
  • Back from the Dead (Bronze) – Reclaim your gear from a Tombstone in MWZ
  • Helpful Stranger (Bronze) – Revive a player from a different Squad in MWZ
  • You Can Pet The Dog (Bronze) – Pet a Hellhound in MWZ
  • Hired Gun (Bronze) – Complete 20 Contracts in MWZ
  • Seeing Red (Silver) – Complete 5 Contracts in the High Threat Zone in a single deployment in MWZ
  • The End? (Silver) – Complete Act III in MWZ
  • Slaughterhouse (Silver) – Kill 50,000 total Enemies in MWZ
  • Conqueror (Silver) – Defeat a Warlord in MWZ
  • One Against All (Gold) – Kill Orcus while in a 6-person squad in MWZ
  • No Such Thing as Too Many (Silver) – Find and use all Armaments in Open Combat Missions
  • Dialed In (Bronze) – Customize your loadout in every Open Combat Mission
  • Gearhead (Gold) – Collect all Weapons and Field Upgrades from Supply Boxes in Open Combat Missions
  • Sample Platter (Bronze) – Use 5 different Armaments in Open Combat Missions
  • I Call Shotgun! (Bronze) – Drive a vehicle with a Sentry Gun on the back and have it kill 5 enemies
  • Tag, You’re It! (Bronze) – Use the Spotter Scope to tag 60 enemies or items in Open Combat Missions
  • Bulletproof (Bronze) – Find all Plate Carrier Upgrades in Open Combat Missions
  • Have You Tried Turning it Off and On? (Bronze) – Use a Shock Stick to disable an enemy Sentry Gun
  • That’s One Way to Do It… (Bronze) – Destroy an airborne enemy helicopter with a Mortar Strike
  • Hey, Catch! (Bronze) – Throw and hit an enemy directly with a Flammable Cannister then blow them up with it
  • Frequent Flyer (Bronze) – Base jump and travel more than 150m with your parachute
  • High Wire Act (Bronze) – Kill 10 enemies while using a zipline
  • Never Bury Your Enemies Alive (Gold) – Complete the campaign
  • 141 Ready (Gold) – Complete the campaign on Veteran
  • Death Row (Bronze) –Kill 12 enemies while descending in the panopticon in ‘Operation 627’
  • Floater (Bronze) – Parachute off a Gantry Crane onto the roof of the Harbormaster’s Building in ‘Precious Cargo’
  • Helo Hat Trick (Bronze) – Destroy each objective helicopter in ‘Reactor’ with a different Armament
  • 2-fer (Bronze) – Using the EBR-14, kill 2 enemies with 1 bullet 5 times in ‘Payload’ without sounding the alarm
  • Back in the Field (Bronze) – Acquired the Major’s keycard in ‘Deep Cover’ within 90 seconds without being detected
  • Shot Blocked (Bronze) – Shoot the gun out of the air in ‘Flashpoint’ before a terrorist catches it
  • Think She’ll Notice? (Bronze) – Destroy all of the cars in the mansion garage in ‘Oligarch’
  • Elevator Out of Order (Bronze) – Reach the roof in ‘Highrish’ in under 45 seconds
  • Snow Angel (Bronze) – Execute the forest sniper in ‘Frozen Tundra’ with a takedown
  • Hitchhiker (Bronze) – Defuse the bomb on the truck in ‘Gora Dam’ while it is in motion
  • Your tax dollars at work (Bronze) – Use a missile to take out a single enemy in ‘Danger Close’

So there you have it – that’s the full list of Achievements and Trophies available in Modern Warfare 3, plenty to keep you busy through the next year of CoD. Before dropping into the action though, be sure to brush up on our other MW3 guides here:

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