Complete list of maps in Modern Warfare 3

Rishov Mukherjee
A screenshot from the game Modern Warfare 3Activision

Modern Warfare 3 features an impressive range of maps including classics from past games and fresh designs that offer an entirely new experience. Here is a complete list of every map in MW3 multiplayer.

Modern Warfare 3 has one of the largest map collections in the franchise, a feature that was heavily requested following its predecessor’s smaller map pool.

In addition to the classic launch maps, Sledgehammer Games has introduced three or four new core multiplayer maps every season plus the occasional Ground War or Gunfight map.

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With new MW3 maps being added regularly it can be tricky to keep on top of everything that’s available, so we’ve put together this list of every multiplayer map in Modern Warfare 3.

All multiplayer maps in MW3

Upon launch, all 16 maps from the original Modern Warfare 2 (2009) made their way into Modern Warfare 3. Later seasons have several new maps introduced to multiplayer’s various game modes.

The Modern Warfare 3 maps that are currently available are as follows:

Launch MW3 Multiplayer Maps (6v6)



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Sub Base



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MW3 Season 1 Maps (6v6)

Greece (Season 1)


Meat (Season 1)


Rio (Season 1 Reloaded)


MW3 Season 2 Maps (6v6)

Departures (Season 2)

MW3 DeparturesActivision

Stash House (Season 2)

Stash House multiplayer map in Modern Warfare 3.Activision

Vista (Season 2)

The Vista map in Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer.Activision

MW3 Carry Forward Maps (6v6)


CoD Modern Warfare 3 DomeActivision

Farm 18

Farm 18 multiplayer map carry forwarded in MW3.Activision

Las Almas

Mercado Las Almas in MW3Activision


MW3 Shipment mapActivision

Shoot House

Shoot House map in MW3.Activision

Ground War Maps

Levin Resort

Popov Power

Orlov Military Base

Gunfight Maps

Alley (Season 1)

Alley gunfight map in Modern Warfare 3.Activision

Blacksite (Season 1)

Blacksite in Modern Warfare 3.Activision

Exhibit (Season 1)

Exhibit gunfight map in Modern Warfare 3.Activision


MW3 Shipment mapActivision

Training Facility (Season 1)



MW3 image of Rust mapActivision

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