How to unlock all Modern Warfare 3 weapons: Ranks & Armory Unlocks explained

Jacob Hale
Modern Warfare 3 operator aiming down sights on Terminal mapActivision

Modern Warfare 3 added fresh content to the new MW reboot trilogy that fans are already in love with, alongside some other major changes. One of those is the weapon-unlocking system, which now includes daily challenges. Here’s exactly how you can unlock all of the weapons in MW3.

The platform system in Modern Warfare 2 drew much debate from players, with some loving the chance to grind all different weapons to unlock others, while some felt that it was too confusing to fully understand.

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While there were initially concerns that this would be carried over to MW3, we now know that it hasn’t and has been replaced by a hybrid system that combines the traditional leveling up with new Armory Unlocks.


Here’s how you can unlock every weapon in Modern Warfare 3.

Modern Warfare 3 operators fightingActivision
There are all new ways to unlock weapons in Modern Warfare 3.

Unlock all Assault Rifles in Modern Warfare 3

WeaponUnlock Requirement
SVA 545Level 4
MTZ-556Level 12
Holger 556Level 37
MCWLevel 44
DG-58Armory Unlocks (Level 25)
FR 5.56Armory Unlocks (Level 25)

Unlock all Battle Rifles in Modern Warfare 3

WeaponUnlock Requirement
Bas-BLevel 17
SidewinderArmory Unlocks (Level 25)
MTZ-762Armory Unlocks (Level 25)

Unlock all Submachine Guns in Modern Warfare 3

WeaponUnlock Requirement
StrikerLevel 4
WSP SwarmLevel 27
AMR9Level 55 OR purchase Vault Edition
WSP-9Armory Unlocks (Level 25)
Rival-9Armory Unlocks (Level 25)
Striker 9Armory Unlocks (Level 25)

Unlock all Shotguns in Modern Warfare 3

WeaponUnlock Requirement
Lockwood 680Level 4
HaymakerLevel 39
RiveterArmory Unlocks (Level 25) OR purchase Vault Edition

Unlock all LMGs in Modern Warfare 3

WeaponUnlock Requirement
Pulemyot 762Level 4
DG-58 LSWLevel 7
Holger 26Armory Unlocks (Level 25)
Bruen Mk9Level 31

Unlock all Marksman Rifles in Modern Warfare 3

WeaponUnlock Requirement
KVD EnforcerLevel 4
MCW 6.8Armory Unlocks (Level 25)
DM56Armory Unlocks (Level 25)
MTZ InterceptorArmory Unlocks (Level 25)

Unlock all Sniper Rifles in Modern Warfare 3

WeaponUnlock Requirement
Katt-AMRLevel 4
LongbowArmory Unlocks (Level 25) OR purchase Vault Edition
KV InhibitorArmory Unlocks (Level 25)

What are Armory Unlocks?

Armory Unlocks and Challenges page in Modern Warfare 3Activision

Weapons locked in the Armory are a little more difficult to get as they don’t require you to simply reach a certain level to then become available to use.

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To access the Armory Unlock weapons in Modern Warfare 3, reach Level 25, select the desired weapon you want to unlock, and successfully complete three Daily Challenges.

Upon completion of the three Daily Challenges, victories will subsequently be recognized as additional challenges completed.

Be sure to check back with every update as new content gets added and new guns become available. In the meantime, have a look at some of our other Modern Warfare 3 guides below:

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