How to get higher damage games in Apex Legends & unlock 4k damage badge

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Attempting to achieve high damage games in Apex Legends can feel almost impossible for a lot of players. Luckily, there’s a set of tips you can use to increase your damage output and help you unlock the 2k, 3k, and 4k damage badges.

Although the primary goal in Apex Legends is to be the last squad standing at the end of a match, there are a number of other achievements you can strive for in-game.

A lot of these involve completing a challenge in exchange for a badge that you can equip to your banner. Some of the most sought-after achievement badges are ones that require players to hit a certain damage total in a single match. These are awarded for accumulating 2,000, 3,000, and 4,000 total damage in a single game, with a given Legend.

Of course, for a lot of players, these kinds of numbers seem completely out of reach. However, we’ve put together a set of tips you can use to increase your damage output in Apex Legends and become a more consistent player.

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1. Focus on surviving

Although this may seem like an overly simple tip, it’s key if you’re going to consistently rack up a lot of damage in your Apex games. Ultimately, the longer you’re alive in a match, the more damage you can put out and hopefully, reach those damage badge achievements.

Before making an aggressive push, weigh up the risks and consider taking a safer approach. This certainly won’t generate any highlight-reel plays, but it will give you a better chance of hitting those high-damage numbers. You can always use long-range weapons to deal damage from afar, keeping yourself somewhat safer – just watch out for third parties.

We’re certainly not promising this tip will help you match ItzTimmy’s 9,000 damage game, but it’s definitely the best strategy when looking to put out as much damage as possible.

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Make sure you pick a weapon that you’re comfortable using.

2. Avoid hot drops

While it may seem appropriate to land in the hot drop location every single match to maximize damage, it’s usually not the best plan.

These locations may be saturated with enemies at the start of the match, but as they’re not geared up, you will struggle to deal as much damage. You can deal a lot more damage to an enemy with a purple shield rather than a grey one. It’s also harder to ‘thirst’ your kills, as there are too many opponents to worry about.

It’s better to land in an area near the hotspot with a few other squads where the loot is more plentiful. That way, you can clear out the competition and focus on reaching the late game. If you’re not sure where to land in your Apex matches, check out our landing spots guides for each of the maps below:

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Poking enemies down before pushing is a great way to secure more damage.

3. Choose and learn a Legend

There will always be better legends for picking more damage in Apex and they’ll usually be the characters with ways of disengaging in a fight. These include Wraith, Horizon, Pathfinder, and even Bangalore.

Although picking one of these legends would certainly give you an advantage when going for damage badges, it’s even more important to pick a character and learn them inside out.

That way, you know the intricacies of the legend and their limits in certain situations. There’s no doubt that playing a different character every game is fun, but it’s not optimal for improving at the game.

To help you out, we’ve listed our catalog of legend guides below so you begin to pick up the most important tips & tricks, depending on who you want to play:

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Communication with your team will always be key when looking for max damage output in Apex.

The final tip, is to coordinate with teammates. This one doesn’t require much explanation, but if your teammates know you’re going for a high damage game, they can hopefully support you throughout.

Hopefully, this guide has provided you with some key tips to help increase your overall damage output in Apex Legends. In time, you’ll be able to complete all of the damage badges and you’ll be a force to be reckoned with in every single game.

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