How to play Bloodhound in Apex Legends: Abilities, tips, more

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Apex Legends Bloodhound

If you’re an Apex Legends player who loves keeping track of the exact position of enemy squads and looking for flanks, Bloodhound is the Legend for you. There’s no better time to pick up the Technological Tracker so let’s check out everything you need to know about Bloodhound.

The launch of Season 9 of Apex Legends brought a significant amount of new content to the game and players are getting stuck in. From the 3v3 Arenas mode to the Bocek Bow, and of course, the new Legend Valkyrie.

Now players have settled into the update, there’s no better time to start learning a new Legend, one that always has the upper hand over their enemies. Of course, we’re talking about Bloodhound, the Technological Tracker.

While Bloodhound has no abilities that directly do damage to opponents, their kit is extremely versatile and incredibly effective when mastered completely.

How to master Bloodhound’s abilities

Passive: Tracker

Bloodhound Apex
Bloodhound’s passive allows them to see traps, clues, and where enemies have gone.

Bloodhound’s passive allows them to see the hidden trials and actions of enemies that have passed through a specific area. On top of this, their passive also reveals how long ago these actions took place allowing Bloodhound to track an opposing squad and take them out.

This is incredibly useful when you’re looking to follow a set of enemies or navigate away from any danger and find an advantageous position. Bloodhound’s passive may seem relatively insignificant at first, but when you play them for a while, you’ll understand how valuable it is.

Tactical: Eye of the Allfather

Bloodhound’s Tactical briefly reveals hidden enemies and traps in an area.

Bloodhound’s Tactical ability allows them to activate a scan that detects and reveals hidden enemies. It’s worth noting that this ability covers a wide area and will alert you if any enemies are detected or if none are found.

This ability is on a cooldown of 25 seconds so make you’re using it wisely as it can be a game-changer in an intense fight.

Its key players make use of this ability before a skirmish is about to begin. By picking up exactly where your enemies are positioned, you can give yourself a huge advantage and take out a whole squad in seconds.

Ultimate: Beast of the Hunt

Bloodhound’s Ultimate enhances their senses allowing them to move faster and track down enemies.

Bloodhound’s Ultimate, Beast of the Hunt, enhances their senses and gives players a visual overlay that highlights all enemies in red for 30 seconds. This makes it easy to find opponents that are hidden away looking to get heals and shields off in a gunfight.

On top of this, Bloodhound’s movement speed is increased significantly, making them extremely difficult to hit. The Ultimate also enhances their Tactical, putting it on an 8-second cooldown, so make sure you’re constantly using it while the Ultimate is active.

Finally, if Bloodhound gets a knockdown in the Ultimate, it increases the duration by another 15 seconds.

Bloodhound tips and tricks

1. Communication is key

Bloodhound can obtain more information than any other Legend in the game.

When playing Bloodhound, it’s key you’re relaying all of the information you are gaining from your abilities to your team. Whether it’s the position of an approaching squad or the tracks of a previous group that has passed through an area, it’s all key information your squad needs to know.

Some Bloodhound players may forget to keep their squad up to date and it means only they’re aware of approaching dangers. This can result in a wipe and a missed opportunity to pick up a win, so always be talking.

2. Scan whenever you enter a new area

Bloodhound scan
Make sure you’re using your Tactical regularly.

The beginning of an Apex Legends match will see you and your squad visit multiple locations across the map in search of loot. As a result of this, you won’t always be the first team to have arrived at a certain location.

That’s why it’s incredibly important to scan whenever you head into a new area or a place where you think another enemy squad may be looting. Although this seems like a simple tip, getting into the habit of doing it regularly will prevent you from being caught off-guard and killed.

3. Play aggressively with your Ultimate

Bloodhound Ultimate
Bloodhound’s Ultimate can completely change a fight.

Although Bloodhound has no damage abilities, their Ultimate can be incredibly impactful in helping your squad win a skirmish. As you can scan twice as much, you should always know where the enemy squad is positioned so don’t be afraid to go for a hard push.

Keep in mind, you can also see through Bangalore smokes and Caustic Gas so there’s very little that can prevent you from locating your opponents. Finally, make sure you’re constantly on the move and making the most of the ability’s speed boost. You’ll be extremely difficult to track and take down, giving the rest of your squad the chance to clear up.

Hopefully, this guide has provided you with everything you need to know about Bloodhound, the Technological Tracker. Their kit is all about awareness, so make the most of it and give your squad all of the information that you gather.

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