iiTzTimmy smashes Apex Legends damage world record

iitzTimmy streamerTwitch: iitztimmy/Respawn Entertainment

Twitch Streamer Timmy “iiTzTimmy” An has broken the Apex Legends damage record, reaching a number no one thought was possible.

As the time-to-kill is a lot slower in Battle Royale titles compared to standard FPS games, the amount of damage you pump out is often just as important as the number of kills you pick up.

This is particularly true in Apex Legends where draining player’s shields and resources in a gunfight can be the difference between life and death. For the average Apex player, reaching over 2,000 damage in a match is a big achievement and will even reward you with an in-game badge.

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However, as with any game, there are always players who take it to another level that no one thought was possible. Well, iiTzTimmy has done exactly that, smashing the Apex Legends damage record on stream.

iitzTimmy streamer world recordTwitch: iitztimmy/Respawn Entertainment
iitzTimmy reaches over 9,000 damage in an Apex game

iiTzTimmy sets new Apex damage record

During his February 17 stream, iiTzTimmy managed to break the Apex Legends damage record, reaching a total of 9069 damage. Not only that, the streamer picked up 24 kills and of course, secured the victory for his squad.

Despite beating the record, Timmy was convinced the 10,000 damage total was possible during the game and even said that if he played a little better, he would have reached it. If anything, this just shows that Timmy can do even better and maybe even break his own world record in the future.

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“I could have gotten the 10k man I really could of, I could have gotten the 10k this game I’m f***ing trolling… I mean 9k I guess.”

It’s absolutely insane that a single player has managed to rack up over 9,000 damage in just one Apex match. There are only so many players in a game, so hitting those numbers is not only dependant on your skill but a lot of luck.

It’s great to hear that Timmy thinks he can hit the 10,000 damage mark at some point in the future, so make sure you keep an eye on his streams. That is unless someone else swoops in to break the record, but by the looks of it, that’s very unlikely.

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