Best Kings Canyon landing spots in Apex Legends Season 12

Best landing spots in kings canyon apex legends season 8Respawn Entertainment

Kings Canyon has returned to the map rotation in Season 12, but which areas of the map yield the most loot, and give you the best chance at picking up the victory?

Kings Canyon is situated on the planet Solace and for many players, it will have been the first place they got to play the Apex Games. Rolling the clock back to when seasons weren’t even a thing, the developers released the game in February 2019 with just this setting.

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Fast forward to Season 12, the map has been through a series of significant changes along the way, including the explosive arrival of Fuse back in Season 8.

Despite having a variety of POIs, it can still be difficult to know exactly where to land on Kings Canyon, especially if you’re looking to maximize the amount of loot you can find.

Apex Legends Season 12 Kings Canyon map

Here’s the latest version of Kings Canyon, to help you find each landing spot we mention in our list!

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Apex Legends Season 8 map Kings CanyonRespawn Entertainment
Here’s how Kings Canyon shapes up in Apex Legends Season 12.

Best Kings Canyon landing spots

The Cage 

the cage in apex legendsRespawn Entertainment
The Cage is ready for your arrival.

While it can certainly be a hot drop for some, located pretty much in the middle of the arena, The Cage can be a great starting point for confident players. 

Landing at the top of the unforgiving cage structure is a risk, as that’s usually the go-to for squads, make it out alive and you’ve got some super loot to kick things off – on most occasions. Nearby, there are options to rotate to, as well, including Market, Hydro Dam, Labs, and Capacitor. 

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Salvage on Apex Legends kings canyon mapRespawn Entertainment
Salvage was good already, but the addition of Mirage Voyage nearby has made it even better.

Salvage is in a great place on Kings Canyon, located where Skull Town and Thunderdome used to be. It’s in close proximity to Mirage Voyage, and then older locations like Market and Gauntlet. This provides you with either fresh hunting grounds after finding some high-tier loot, or escape paths when things get busy.

This is a massive excavation site and certainly one of the best places to drop. However, do watch out because that close proximity advantage we just spoke about can also mean a lot of gunfights in the early game. This is the location to land if you fancy a challenge.

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Crash Site

Crash Site was added back in Season 8 and it’s amazing.

A highly contested area of the map in Season 12 is Crash Site, and for good reason.

With three Explosive Holds nearby and a load of loot spread across loot bins and on the floor, it’s no surprise that this is a very popular place to go. With Artillery, Spotted Lake, and Containment just around the corner – it’s a great place to start the match.

Water Treatment

One of the most popular destinations on the map. Water Treatment is an area of Kings Canyon that’s packed with supply bins and good floor loot, not to mention the new Explosive Hold on the right side of the POI as you head down the coast towards Repulsor.

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You can walk away from this place set up for the final rings at times, but it all depends on whether you can fend off the handful of teams that also have the same goals in mind.

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Spotted Lake

Spotted Lake in Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
Spotted Lake was added in Apex Legends Season 8.

Added to the map in Season 8, Spotted Lake is an ideal location for players who want a steadier start to the match, and prefer a slower playstyle.

With hundreds of places to find loot here, we’re sure you will pick up a couple of grenades to blow those open and walk away from this destination looted up for the end game. Or, be eliminated by another team thinking the same thing.

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Spotted Lake doesn’t appear to be one of the busier locations in Season 12, but let’s see how the season develops. That could change!

The Rig

The Rig looks a lot like another Salvage in Apex Legends, and to be fair they’re equally as good. With multiple high and low places to find weapons, there should be enough here to set up your Trio or Duo in no time.

Near this spot, you also have easy access to Broken Relay and Capacitor, which are two very strong looting grounds in their own right. Not to mention Swamps as well, which isn’t one of the best, but certainly a decent place to loot through as you head to the first ring.

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Artillery apex legends kings canyonRespawn Entertainment
Artillery is a very popular place to land on Kings Canyon.

For regular Apex Legends players, Artillery will be no stranger. It’s always been a very good place to land and that remains the same in Season 12. 

There aren’t too many locations near it in terms of the immediate proximity, though with how much stuff can be found here that’s really not an issue. Your team should be well equipped after landing here but watch your back for enemies.

Broken Relay

Last, but certainly not least, is Broken Relay. Found in the North-Eastern region of the map, this is one of the less hectic locations on our list.

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There’s a selection of small two-story buildings here to loot up, and with it being just a stone’s throw away from The Rig, another place we recommend, it’s an ideal starting point for players.

A good idea would be to start here where it’s usually not a highly competitive zone and then circle around to one of the more popular locations nearby to third-party enemies fighting there.

Hopefully, in this Best Kings Canyon landing spots guide there’s something for everyone – ranging from busy to more quiet places.

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Think we missed the best spot to land? Reckon you’ve found the best secret spot to land for loot and kills this season? Let us know on Twitter @alphaINTEL.

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