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Best Olympus landing spots in Apex Legends Season 10

Published: 10/Aug/2021 16:42 Updated: 10/Aug/2021 16:41

by Isaac McIntyre


After being introduced all the way back in Season 7 and struck by an infection in Season 9, Olympus is back in the rotation for Emergence so it’s key you know which POIs yield the best loot.

Although Olympus received no changes in the Season 10 update, the floating citadel will be making a return to the map rotation in Emergence.

Unlike World’s Edge and Kings Canyon, Olympus has a bright and fresh theme, which is slowly being soured by the infection that began taking over the map in Season 9.

Despite this, there’re 16 loot-filled POIs scattered around the map, and even more unnamed zones to explore, meaning where you drop is crucial.


So, let’s take a look at the best places to land in Season 10 – and we’ve also put together a sister guide for best Kings Canyon landing spots for you to check out, too. 

Olympus Apex Legends
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Let’s run through the best Olympus landing spots to get you prepared for the action.

Best Olympus Landing spots

Rift Aftermath

We feel pretty comfortable calling the “Rift” the centerpiece of Olympus. The strange dome of swirling darkness adds an interesting landmark to the map, and while it’s not right in the middle of the map, it’s certainly a key spot in the floating city.

The POI is a hot-spot, though, so make sure you’re ready for a fight.

The main reason Rift Aftermath is a great early pick is the huge energy ball floating in the middle of the area. Once you’ve bagged some guns and loot, jump into the Rift and you’ll be sent flying across the map to one of three teleporter locations.


The ability to reposition across the map ⁠— even at random ⁠— is invaluable, and heck, it’s fun! Definitely drop Rift once or twice, even if you want to avoid the mayhem.

Rift POI Apex Legends
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The “Rift” POI on Olympus.

Bonsai Plaza

Love Apex Legends’ close-quarter combat? Always scooping up that Mastiff or an R-99? Then boy do we have a spot for you: Bonsai Plaza, and its high-loot Reverie Lounge.

As an early tip, Plaza or sort of like how Skull Town was in Kings Canyon before it was destroyed. There’s heaps of loot here, tight angles and corridors, and it’s usually one of the most contested zones in the floating city. A battle zone, start to finish.


That doesn’t mean you should avoid it, especially if you’re chasing kills in ranked. The key here is making it to Reverie Lounge first. This tight inside area in the upper levels of the Plaza boasts fantastic defendable areas, and top-tier guns and loot.

If you’re not so fast on the trigger or prefer long-range sniping over dueling, maybe skip Plaza. Trust us, it’s a mess for the first 10 minutes every game.

Bonsai Plaza Olympus
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The Bonsai Plaza POI on Olympus.


Did you just think you might be skipping Plaza because you hate those early fights, and having to battle your way out of do-or-die situations with only a level-one Evo plate, an empty Alternator, and your wits? Then drop Hydroponics instead!


The first thing that comes to mind when dropping here is “underrated.” You won’t see many land out in this south-west POI, partly due to its distance from the action, but it’s still a great spot to drop. Think Kings Canyon’s Artillery, or Refinery from World’s Edge.

There’s not many POIs close by ⁠— only Elysium, similar to Refinery, is close ⁠— but there’s plenty of options here. Head north to Oasis (below), east to Plaza (above), or straight into the battle around Estates and Hammond Labs; it’s your call.

The “Hydroponics” POI on Olympus.
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The “Hydroponics” POI on Olympus.

Orbital Cannon Test Site

You’ll already recognize this POI right off the bat ⁠— Pathfinder, Mirage, and Rampart were gunned down by the huge orbital cannon as they arrived in the Apex Legends Season 7 reveal trailer that Respawn dropped back in late October, 2020.


Don’t worry about the gun though; Orbital is a great drop zone for any match. Why? Well, it’s chock full of Tridents, meaning that its distance from the rest of the map doesn’t matter.

Orbital Cannon on Olympus in Apex Legends Season 7.
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The “Orbital Cannon” POI on Olympus.

Grow Towers

There’s a lot of high ground in this location, and the three Grow Towers situated here are packed full of weapons. For Loba mains, this can be the ideal place to start the game especially, with so much loot sitting around in close proximity. More than one player might have that idea, though, so watch your back!

Throughout Season 7 this became one of the more obscure, but popular destinations for the community. Once you’ve dived into the busier parts of town a few times, it can be nice to change direction and head for quieter territories like this.

If you want to start with loads of loot and perhaps not the most chaotic of starts, Grow Towers is right up your street. Except, it’s not in a street – so yeah.

grow towers in apex legends olympus map
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Grow Towers is not one of the most popular places on Olympus, but that can be a good thing.

The Icarus

Arriving in Olympus in Season 9 and bringing an infection with it, the Icarus is an enormously long POI that offers great sightlines for skirmishes with other squads.

On top of that, there’s an incredible amount of loot in the ship ready for the taking, just don’t expect to be the only Legends looking for it.

If you’re lucky enough to find a keycard on one of the scientist’s bodies, you’ll be able to unlock the Bridge, and that is guaranteed to set you up with the high-level loot you need to pick up the win.

The Icarus Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
The Icarus was added in Season 9 of Apex Legends.

So there you have it; all the best Olympus landing spots now that Apex Legends has put it back in the Season 10 rotation.

Think we missed the best spot to land? Reckon you’ve found the best secret spot to land for loot and kills this season? Let us know on Twitter @alphaINTEL.

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