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Apex Legends

Apex Legends – Full guide for weapons, characters, map, packs, and more

Published: 6/Feb/2019 0:00 Updated: 7/Mar/2019 18:25

by Albert Petrosyan


The newly released Apex Legends has taken the battle royale community by storm and quickly become the main talk of the gaming world.

The brand new BR title was thrust straight into the spotlight on February 4 when it was announced, revealed, and released all on the same day – immediately available as a free-to-play game on the PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 platforms. 

Since that point, the game feveloped by Respawn Entertainment has quickly made its mark on the gaming world – amassing over 25 million players since the stealthy launch at the beginning of the month.

While the overall objective of the game follows the traditional ‘last-one-standing’ format, Apex Legends has a lot of aspects to it that make it unique to other battle royale game, such as characters with specific abilities and skill-sets. 

The game features a beautifully constructed and designed map that combines lush environments with technologically advanced structures, all surrounded by steep canyons and multiple accessible levels.

The Apex Legends map is a beautiful warzone

Considering that Apex Legends is so new and players are still trying to figure out all of its nuances and ins and outs, we have put together a list of in-depth guides and information articles that will help you become more familiar with the game. 

You can find these guides below, and keep checking back to this hub as we will be consistently adding more Apex Legends content in the future. 

Gameplay Guides

Use these guides to get yourself more familiar with the different aspects of Apex Legends, such as the map, weapons arsenal, Legends characters, and more

Information/Content Guides

These guides offer info about everything having to do with Apex Legends outside of gameplay. This includes how to download the game, the PC system requirements, details on micro-transactions, what’s coming in the future, and more.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends rocket finally roars to life on World’s Edge in Olympus teaser

Published: 27/Oct/2020 3:27 Updated: 27/Oct/2020 3:37

by Isaac McIntyre


T-minus 10 to Olympus — the World’s Edge rocket has finally fired up its engine after lying dormant for most of last season, in the next Apex Legends Season 7 teaser to appear in-game ahead of the battle royale’s next huge update.

Apex Legends players have spotted the latest in-game teaser ahead of the release of Season 7 ⁠— the World’s Edge rocket has finally fired up its engines, after nearly three months of lying dormant in the middle of the battle royale map.

The rocket has yet to leave, but it’s now-firing thrusters are clearly visible.

Fire is pouring out of the bottom of the spaceship’s thrusters, while smoke billows out of venting chambers around the rocket’s main shaft. It’s certainly come alive.

The Hammond rocket, located in new Season 6 point of interest Launch Site, has been part of the scenery for months. It certainly seemed important ⁠— especially when it featured in an early Rampart teaser ⁠— but players weren’t sure why.

Now everything seems clear; the Hammond rocket may well be taking Apex Legends to its long-awaited third battle royale map, which Respawn officially unveiled on Oct. 26.

The new map, which Dexerto tipped all the way back in Season 5, has been mentioned and name-dropped in multiple Apex Legends teasers over the past few months. It’s arrival ended up being delayed slightly, but now it’s finally on its way.

Or rather, it looks like we’re on our way to it. The end of Season 6 ⁠— Wednesday, Nov. 4, for the record ⁠— should see us finally board the now-prepared Hammond rocket, and fling us all the way to the third Apex Legends map, Olympus.

Olympus museum from Apex Legends trailer.
Respawn Entertainment
Olympus is going to be the first proper city Apex Legends players get to play in since launch.

The rocket rumbling to life isn’t the only Olympus teaser we’ve seen land on World’s Edge in the buildup to the season switch either. Last week, a mysterious UFO began floating on the outskirts on the map. Sadly, you can’t board the huge structure just yet.

For now, it’s a waiting game. We’ll see the new Olympus map arrive next week, along with vehicles, the next Apex Legends character “Horizon,” a long-awaited clubs feature, and much more, but we’ve got just a little more waiting to do first!