Apex Legends players flock to The Finals as BR becomes “unplayable”

James Busby
Wraith and The Finals character

Apex Legends players have praised The Finals for its fun gunplay and intuitive movement mechanics, with many hailing it as a “breath of fresh air.”

The Finals is the latest Battle Royale game that has caught the attention of FPS players, especially those from the Apex Legends community. Not only does it offer fluid movement mechanics, but it also features environmental destructibility, unique character abilities, and great gunplay. 

Many Apex Legends fans have been enjoying The Finals so much, that they have begun to flock to the game. The community has begun to highlight exactly why the new FPS game feels like such a “breath of fresh air” when compared to Respawn’s BR title. 

Apex Legends fans highlight why The Finals is so “refreshing”

“Apex has movement but that’s it,” said one player. “Everything in The Finals is just as good or better without having to touch an EA game. On top of that, you don’t have to loot! It’s amazing man I hate looting so much such a waste of time.”

Others were keen to highlight the reasons as to why they quit playing Apex Legends and have instead opted to spend their time in The Finals. “I gave Apex a shot two days ago after a couple of months,” commented another player

“Quickly reminded why I quit. Borderline unplayable matchmaking, abysmal servers, and lack of any meaningful or fun content. The Finals just needs to keep cooking and listening to players.”

The Finals gameplay screenshot
Apex Legends players have been enjoying the gameplay in The Finals.

Another Apex fan also agreed that The Finals is the better game, despite having spent a significant amount of time in Respawn’s BR. “Spent some 1k hours in Apex and this is by far such a better game. Mostly cause Apex has fallen into disrepair, is political, and started removing content.

So refreshing to also have such stable servers and hitreg. Balance is fun. Why did Titanfall have to die for this… And I’m not even on the fence anymore. Straight up uninstalled Apex.” 

It’s certainly clear that Apex Legends fans have been enjoying The Finals, but many players will be hoping Respawn will reignite the community’s interest in the game with the release of Season 20

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