How to switch weapons faster in Apex Legends

Joe O'Brien

A useful and simple trick in Apex Legends lets you switch weapons significantly faster.

With players in Apex Legends able to boost their total health pool to a maximum of 200 with full shields, it will take plenty of shots from the vast majority of weapons to secure a kill in most situations. Fully-automatic weapons without an extended magazine attachment can quickly drain a clip when engaged with an enemy. 

Assuming you’re not a human aim-bot, then, there’s a decent chance you might not finish an enemy in a single magazine with your primary weapon. In that event, you then have the choice of reloading, or switching to your secondary.

Neither is a particularly attractive prospect while fighting for your life, but if you’re not able to take cover the latter is definitely the superior choice. Even then, however, switching weapons isn’t particularly fast.

RESPAWN ENTERTAINMENTGetting your weapon up quickly could well keep you alive in a close fight.

By default, the weapon-swap animation costs you precious moments before you’re able to fire again, especially if you intend to aim-down-sights.

The animation can be significantly sped-up, however, with a remarkably simple trick. Found by Reddit user u/ManishBH73, by crouching at the same time as the swap, the new weapon will be ready to fire noticeably quicker than with the default change.

It’s only a small edge, but in a close fight every advantage counts, and making this quick-swap a habit could well end up saving you in a match.

Apex Legends has already smashed numerous records for both player-base and viewership, amassing more than 25 million players in record time. Building a repertoire of tricks like this should help you stay ahead of the masses as you strive for victories in gaming’s current hottest title.