How to claim exclusive Apex Legends cosmetic content with EA Access and Origin Access

EA and Respawn have announced that EA Access subscribers on Xbox One and Origin Access subscribers on PC can get access to exclusive cosmetic content in Apex Legends in a new limited time offer.

In a blog post on the official Play Apex website, Respawn has announced that players on Xbox One and PC that are subscribers of EA’s services can get bonus cosmetic content to use in Apex Legends. 

How to claim your free content

Any player on Xbox One with an active EA Access subscription will be given three exclusive items by simply starting the game.

Similarly, PC players with an active Origin Access Basic and Origin Access Premium subscription will get three exclusive items to use in Apex Legends by logging in.

What does bonus content consist of?

The bonus content included for players that qualify consists of: 

  • 1000 Apex Coins (worth $9.99)
  • An exclusive Flatline Epic Weapon Skin
  • A special Banner Badge

This bonus content offer is only available for a limited time, EA has confirmed. Players on Xbox One and PC must log in to Apex Legends by June 30, 2019 if they wish to add it to their account. 

EA Access/Origin Access members will gain access to free content.

For players on PlayStation 4, Respawn has released a content pack that includes PlayStation themed items. The PS4 pack is available for free for all PlayStation Plus subscribers. 

Apex Legends has been an instant hit with the gaming community and many of the world’s biggest streamers have been singing its praises since release.

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