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Apex Legends hits 25 million players, Respawn teases new content and balancing

Published: 11/Feb/2019 22:42 Updated: 11/Feb/2019 23:10

by Wyatt Donigan


As Apex Legends enters the second week of release, Respawn Entertainment have announced that the game has crossed over another incredible milestone.

Apex Legends released virtually out of nowhere on February 4 and was met with immediate and widespread acclaim.

After first crossing the 10 million player mark after just 72 hours, it’s now been revealed that Apex Legends has seen more than 25 million players try their hand at the latest entrant to the battle royale scene.

Not only has the game seen an unprecedented amount of players login in such a short amount of time, but it also has managed to hit a peak concurrent player count of “well over two million.”

To put that in perspective, Fortnite didn’t pull in two million concurrent players until almost five months after release. 

There’s no denying that the overall sustained success of Fortnite gave way to Apex Legends’ immense success, but it’s still quite surprising to see the game reach such lofty heights after just seven says. 

In addition to the major milestone, Respawn also dropped a couple of teases of what’s in store for Apex Legends in the coming days and weeks. 

First, there will be “some limited-time Valentine’s Day themed loot” coming in the next few days that players have to look out for.

There were no specifics given on what kind of loot this will be, but fans will nonetheless be excited for it given that it’s the first themed loot drop in the game’s short life cycle. 

Looking beyond this week, Respawn teased “changes based on player feedback and experiences” in the pipeline.

While there were no specific details given on what’s planned, the fact that player feedback is being actively listened to should be a welcomed sight for diehard fans.

Apex Legends is also set to officially enter Season One in March, which will bring even more new Legends, weapons, loot and more. 

Despite all of the heights Apex Legends has already reached, it’s clear that things won’t be stopping anytime soon. 

Apex Legends

Apex Legends player finds bug that makes Lifeline’s drones unbreakable

Published: 1/Dec/2020 1:00 Updated: 1/Dec/2020 1:35

by Bill Cooney


An Apex Legends player discovered a new bug the hard way when Lifeline’s Drone acted indestructible when they tried to shoot through it to get to an enemy, failing miserably.

Lifeline has been in Apex since day 1, and has been a go-to legend ever since primarily for her powerful healing abilities. Even though we’ve had well over a year to learn her kit, some bugs are still popping up.

We all know the futility of trying to attack a Lifeline’s shield while she rezzes a teammate, but it’s also worth noting that a new bug is turning her healing drone invulnerable, making it impossible to destory.

Respawn Entertainment
Name a better Apex Legends duo, we’ll wait.

That’s right, while it may be small, with the bug it sure is mighty, though to be fair you don’t often see the Drone being used as cover, because so far it’s been destructible.

So, the clip below can really teach us two lessons here: think twice before shooting through the drone, and that Lifelines should think about crouching behind it whenever possible, because you never know, right?

In the shot, Reddit user TheChapelOfWhite comes upon the unsuspecting healer and seems to be well on their way to an easy kill. That is until they empty a full clip into the drone, which does nothing but alert the other player and their squad.

After that, ChapelOfWhite is unceremoniously cut down by Lifeline’s teammates who appear almost instantly to protect their support.

It turns out Lifeline drones are indestructible, I had no idea. from apexuniversity

It’s an embarrassing way to go out, that’s for sure, but instead of tossing their controller out the window and swearing off Apex for a few days as some would have done, they instead took to Reddit to post the clip of the apparent glitch.

With so many new legends added in between release and where we are now, it’s kind of crazy that this hasn’t happened, or at least been shared before. Lifeline is one of the most popular legends to play as well, so it is a bit wild we’re just now seeing this bug.