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Apex Legends world records for most kills: Trios, Solo, Solo vs Trios

Published: 24/May/2020 18:47 Updated: 24/May/2020 19:35

by Calum Patterson


The World Record for most kills in Apex Legends is a prestigious honor, and players have been battling since day one to have the number one spot. Here are the full list of verified world records for solo, duos, solo vs trios, and trios.

Immediately after release in February 2019, some of the world’s most talented players got to work trying to set a new world record for most eliminations in Apex Legends.

Just like other battle royales, the aim of the game is simple – outlive everyone else on the map. But, once winning the game becomes easy, for some players the real challenge is racking up as many kills as possible.

Knowing how to use the Legends is key to breaking world records.

Rules for Apex Legends World records

It’s important to know that there are some rules that must be followed for a world record to count. First, we require video evidence for all records – images of the scoreboard are not enough.

Second, any record that has been completed on very low-level smurf accounts to play against easier opponents is not counted. Any videos that do not show the levels of the players will also not be counted. Any records set in LTM or event modes also do not count.

If two teams/players hold the same record, whoever got the record first holds it.

Apex Legends Trio world record

On PC, the record for most kills in trios was set Fyzu, Wrugb and DesertUK with 46 kills, on March 28, 2019.

On console, the trios record stands at 45 kills, only one less than PC, and is held by Gaitor_423, Pensatas, ImCadillackin.

Apex Legends Solo vs Trio world record

Before solos was a proper game mode, the only way to set a solo record was playing against trios. On PC, pro player and streamer Mendo set the record with a whopping 36 kills on his own.

On console, the record was set by Japanese player Asapan, with 35 kills on PS4.

Apex Legends Solo world record

With solos not a permanent game mode in Apex Legends, we could see these records beaten in the future. But for now, the records stand from when it was only an LTM.

The current record holder is streamer and YouTuber iiTzTimmy, who racked up 24 kills back in August 2019.

Ranked world records

Of course, there’s also ranked play, where the records are even more difficult to achieve given the harder matchmaking.

For Ranked Trios, the record was set by HusKers, SweetDreams and Dropped in the Predator division with a whopping 43 kills.

And for ranked Solo vs Trio, TH3GOLDENBOY set the record with 26 kills in Gold division.

Apex Legends World Records (Updated May 24, 2020)


Record Holder Kills Date Proof
Solo vs Trio Mendo 36 02/19/2019 Link
Trio Fyzu, Wrugb, DesertUK 46 05/25/2019 Link
Solo iiTzTimmy 24 08/16/2019 Link
Ranked Trio HusKers, SweetDreams, Dropped 43 07/30/2019 Link
Ranked Solo vs Trio TH3GOLDENBOY 26 04/13/2020 Link

Console (PS4/Xbox One)

Record Holder Kills Date Proof
Solo vs Trio Asapan 35 03/01/2019 Link
Trio Gaitor_423, Pensatas, ImCadillackin 45 02/20/2019 Link

Think you can do better? Submit your world record attempt to us @TitanfallBlog, with supporting evidence and we will review your submission!

Last updated Sunday, May 24 at 1:34pm EST.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends fixes annoying Rampart & Treasure Pack bugs in Dec 1 patch

Published: 1/Dec/2020 20:51 Updated: 1/Dec/2020 20:54

by Bill Cooney


Apex Legends devs have rolled out fixes for frustrating Season 7 bugs that makes players face an infinite loading screen and a separate glitch causing Rampart’s turret not to stick to the Trident.

Treasure packs returned to Apex for Season 7, as a way to keep the battle pass interesting and give players something to come back and search for every single day, if you don’t get trapped, that is.

The packs have become a significant part of Apex matches since players don’t want to miss one and fall behind on completing the set and miss out on some cosmetics.

For some though, the packs have caused major issues during Season 7 though, as a bug would randomly lock them in a loading screen.

An Apex Legends treasure pack
Treasure Packs were introduced in Apex Legends season 6, and now they’ve caused quite the headache.

That wasn’t all throwing players off. Rampart mains also found that, while it was advertised in the Season 7 trailer, the legend’s turret wouldn’t always stick to the new Trident vehicles.

Both of these bugs have definitely been getting under players’ skin, but the good news is Respawn have rolled out a fix for both issues that will hopefully put an end to the incoveniences.

“As an FYI, we’ve deployed a small patch to re-enable the ability to place Rampart’s turret on the Trident as well as provide a fix for players who are getting stuck on certain menu pages,” Apex wrote on Twitter on Dec. 1.

This means that once you log in following the update, treasure packs should no longer get you caught in a loop, and Rampart can once again fire Sheila atop the Trident.

Previous reports claimed that another update had been rolled out to try and fix the treasure pack glitch already, but if you’ve been on Apex’s Reddit recently you’ll see still numerous posts of people still encountering it, and a similar issue with getting stuck on the main loading screen as well.

Despite a few bumps like this along the way, Season 7 has generally been well-received by the Apex community, so hopefully, this patch takes care of these issues for good and let us get back to playing.