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Apex Legends

Apex Legends: What every gold item does

Published: 19/Feb/2019 11:08 Updated: 19/Feb/2019 12:15

by Paul Cot


Apex Legends utilizes a Fortnite like item system whereby rarity, and usefulness, is highlighted by its color. Unsurprisingly, gold (legendary) represents the rarest. Here are the perks the gold items provide.

Apex Legends Rarest Items

Gold items in King’s Canyon are often hard to come by due to the benefits they offer. The gold color is preceded by, in order of most common to rare, no color, blue and then purple.

While blue and purple provide an increase in what the item achieves, gold items sometimes include an additional benefit. Gold items come in the form of helmets, body shields, knockdown shields, backpacks and various attachment.


Gold Helmet

As all gamers know by now, helmets provide headshot damage protection. The gold helmet gives a headshot damage reduction of 50%. The additional benefit it yields is an increase in charge speed for both tactical and ultimate abilities.

  • Normal: 30% damage reduction
  • Blue: 40% damage reduction
  • Purple: 50% damage reduction
  • Gold: 50% damage reduction and increased charge speed

Gold Body Shield

The body shield works differently to the damage protection the helmet offers. Where the helmet reduces damage received, body shields give you extra health known as shields. This additional health is indicated by the (up to) four bars above your normal health bar.

The gold variant of a body shield give you the bonus of having all four of your shields fully recharged upon executing a knocked enemy.


  • Normal: 2 shields
  • Blue: 3 shields
  • Purple: 4 shields
  • Gold: 4 shields and an automatic recharge of shields when killing a downed opponent
Gold body shield in Apex Legends…

Gold Knockdown Shield

The knockdown shield is a new concept to battle royale games, which at least gives you some form of hope when knocked down.

Knockdown shields provide a separate health bar if you will, when downed. This means an opponent will need to inflict as much damage as the knockout shield provides health, assuming you are facing their direction with the shield activated.

The ability the golden variant provides is a new concept to battle royale games. When knocked you actually have the ability to revive yourself.

  • Normal: 100 knockdown shield health
  • Blue: 250 knockdown shield health
  • Purple: 750 knockdown shield health
  • Gold: 750 knockdown shield health and the ability to self-revive

Gold Backpacks

Just like other battle royale games, backpacks allow you to store various items. The bigger, or rarer, the backpack the more you can store.


A gold backpack in Apex Legends results in healing items taking half as long to apply.

  • Normal: Additional 2 items
  • Blue: Additional 4 items
  • Purple: Additional 6 items
  • Gold: Additional 6 items and healing items take half as long

Digital Threat Scopes

There are two gold scopes in Apex Legends: 1x and 4x to 10x variable. Both of these are the only scopes to provide digital threat detection.

The perk of digital threat detection is the ability to see enemies through smoke. Enemies are highlighted red when looking through the sight.

Apex Legends 10x scope in action…

Other Gold Attachments

The remaining gold items don’t provide any alternative benefit from their more common counterparts, except for the barrel stabilizer. They simply provide more, or better, of what a purple attachment does.

  • Extended mag: Increases ammo capacity and from blue onward reduces reload time
  • Shotgun bolt: Increases fire rate
  • Stock: Decreases draw time and reduces aim drift
  • Barrel stabilizer: Reduces recoil – gold reduces weapon flash
  • Turbocharger: Reduces spin-up time for the Devotion LMG