How to fix the movement speed bug in Apex Legends

Joe O'Brien

An Apex Legends bug can leave players moving incredibly slowly, but it is possible to fix it.

Apex Legends has been praised for a remarkably painless launch. Despite smashing player records, the game hasn’t suffered from too many major issues in its debut weeks, leading to an enjoyable experience for the majority of players.

That doesn’t mean there are no bugs to be found, however, and one in particular can result in a frustrating end to a match. In some cases, players can find themselves stuck moving at a crawl, practically a death sentence in a game that places a lot of emphasis on its fast-paced movement.

Respawn EntertainmentYou’ll need some help from your team-mates to fix the movement speed bug.

There are two separate instances that can cause slow movement. One results in a slow-motion effect for every player in the game, a server issue for which there is no solution but to wait for the game to right itself.

The other, however, can occur after a player has been downed. Upon being revived, players will occasionally find themselves still stuck at the movement speed that downed players are restricted to.

It’s not clear exactly what causes the bug, but it will persist even through abilities that affect movement speed, like Wraith’s Dimensional Rift – the player will be sped up relative to their already slow speed, rather than being returned to the usual pace.

Though it’s an awkward fix, there is a way to reset the movement speed: by respawning. Assuming you’re not already in combat, this can be achieved by throwing grenades at your own feet – it’s advisable that you remove your body armor before doing so to speed up the process – allowing yourself to bleed out, and then having your team-mate take your banner to a respawn beacon. Upon returning to the game, your movement should be back to normal.

Though this tactic undoubtedly leaves your team vulnerable for an extended period of time, the handicap of the movement speed bug is so great that in most cases it probably is your best option if you hope to continue in the match.

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