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How to avoid the fall stun in Apex Legends

Published: 18/Feb/2019 11:24 Updated: 18/Feb/2019 11:35

by Joe O'Brien


A useful Apex Legends trick lets you avoid the impact stun that comes with falling a large distance.

Though there’s no fall damage in Apex Legends, that doesn’t mean falling from a great height can never have consequences. Above a certain distance, falling will cause a small impact stun upon hitting the ground, causing you to stop momentarily and resetting your momentum.

Though it’s not always of much consequence, the stun can make you an easier target, and although it’s only brief, that could be the difference between survival and escape if you’re in a firefight.


Respawn EntertainmentMomentum is key to mastering movement in Apex Legends.

As becomes quite clear if you spend enough time watching high-skilled players like shroud, movement can play almost as big a role in success as aim, and getting the most out of movement in Apex requires keeping your momentum up as much as possible.

To avoid losing momentum when you hit the ground, you need to time a melee attack just before the moment of impact. Instead of coming to a halt, your character will kick out as they hit the ground and be able to keep moving.

You can cancel the stun when landing from a large fall by kicking the ground as you land. from r/apexlegends

Though you’ll still be momentarily stuck in the animation of the melee, using this tactic will at least mean you’re not slowed down after the fall, making you less of an easy target for enemies.


This tactic is ideal for straight falls, but if you happen to land on a slope with some forward momentum, it’s also possible to go straight into a slide by crouching as you hit the ground.