This Boruto character was the first to sense Kurama inside Himawari

Anamika Das

While Kurama reappearing in the manga shocked many, this Boruto character was the first to sense Kurama inside Himawari.

Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chapter 9 featured a shocking twist as Himawari was revealed to inherit Naruto’s Bijuu chakra. As Jura made a move to consume Himawari to get to the Bijuu chakra, a miniature version of Kurama manifested from Himawari.

How Kurama came back to life is still a mystery and it was a surprising turn of events. However, there has been some foreshadowing hinting at this development for quite some time. After Kurama sacrificed himself to protect Naruto from the effects of his Baryon Mode, there have been little hints pointing at the possible return of the nine-tailed fox.

But the first Boruto character who actually got the inkling of there being something different inside Himawari was Daemon. In the Omnipotence Arc of the Boruto manga, Daemon was shocked to see Himawari. According to him, while the little girl appeared weak, there was something intense inside her.

Though there was never any explanation about the “intensity” inside Himawari, it makes sense following the events of Chapter 9. At that time, it was assumed that Daemon meant the latent potential Himawari held inside her and not the actual “intense” Bijuu chakra.

But now that it has been confirmed Kurama’s chakra was inside Himawari all along, it makes sense that what Daemon felt at the time was the chakra of the nine-tailed fox. Being as powerful as Daemon is, it’s no surprise that he’s the only one to sense something that even Naruto, Boruto, Kawaki, and other powerful ninja failed to do.

Daemon is currently one of the strongest characters in Boruto. Though he hardly ever uses his powers, it’s also clear that he could and would unleash them if his sister Eida’s life was on line. Himawari becoming the next jinchuriki of Kurama might just put her on the same level as Daemon.

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