One Piece: The history of Neptunians explained

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An image of Neptunians in One Piece

One Piece features various races and creatures with unique characteristics and powers. The Neptunians in One Piece are commonly known as Sea Kings, who has a lot of significance to the story.

In One Piece, Neptunians are huge, carnivorous monsters inhabiting the world’s oceans. They are called Sea Kings in the uncut Funimation Dub. However, the official name of this particular species is Neptunians, according to 4Kids, Viz, edited Funimation dub, and Funimation subs.

These creatures are notably common in the Calm Belts surrounding the Grand Line. They are one of the most common and infamous hazards experienced by sailors in the vicinity. The term “Neptunian” references Neptune, the Roman God of the Sea. 

In the series, Neptune is also the name of Fish-Man Island’s King. Despite how they seem, the Sea Kings are not mindless predators. It is indicated by their mental link with Poseidon, the Mermaid Princess that they are intelligent creatures. Delve deeper to find out the history of Neptunians in One Piece.

The history of Neptunians in One Piece span over 800 years

During the Void Century over 800 years ago, the Sea Kings vowed to tow the ship Noah thanks to the mermaid Poseidon and her abilities. Joy Boy, who made a deal with the fish-men, merfolk, and Poseidon, did not maintain his half of the bargain. Therefore, Noah was never used, leaving its mission unknown.

During the return of Mont Blanc Noland to Jaya, the two ships led by the King of Lvneel Kingdom, Aruyutayan V, encountered Neptunians. Aruyutayan V, terrified of such a beast, left Noland to deal with it alone. However, in a published false story, the king was the hero who defeated the Sea King.

The Sea Kings’ influence over the Calm Belt diminished after centuries of ruling the sea. Dr Vegapunk found that Seastone emanates the same aura as the water. Therefore, the Marines lined the hulls of all their ships with it without getting attacked.

In the Fish-Man Island Saga of One Piece, once Shirahoshi discovers her powers, the Neptunians express their joy as they meet their ruler after waiting for centuries. They clearly remember the first Poseidon and the events that took place during the Void Century. This could mean that the Sea Kings have a long life span.

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