One Piece: The true power of Kozuki Momonosuke explained

An image of Kozuki Momonosuke from One PieceCrunchyroll

Among the many Straw Hat allies in One Piece, the most underwhelming introduction was of Kozuki Momonosuke. However, after his true identity and powers unravel, he may turn out to be Luffy’s strongest ally so far.

When he first appeared in One Piece, Kozuki Momonosuke didn’t strike as someone important. He was a scared child stranded on an unusual island and gaining artificial powers. However, that all changed when fans learned his identity as Oden’s son and the rightful head of the Kozuki Clan. 

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Momonosuke is heir to the long-standing Kozuki clan of Wano, who has ruled the country for centuries. Despite being a child, the burden on Momo’s shoulders is unlike anyone. Losing his parents on the same day and travelling in an unknown timeline, Momonosuke faced many ups and downs by the time he turned eight.

After his powers slowly begin to unravel, Momosuke easily becomes one of the most powerful allies of the Straw Hats Pirates. That is to be expected from Oden’s son, who was the strongest Samurai in Wano. Delve deeper to learn more about the true power of Kozuki Momonosuke.

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Kozuki Momonosuke can communicate via Voice of All Things 


Like his father and the Pirate King, Kozuki Momonosuke has the ability to hear the Voice of All Things. Although Luffy has the same ability, Momonosuke is the only one who has communicated with Zunesha so far. 

Not only can the young Samurai give orders to the giant elephant, but they can also communicate over long distances. Momonosukes considers Zunesha, his friend, and they both share their thoughts during the battle at Wano. 

What’s more, Momonosuke also has a sort of telepathic link with Luffy, as when the pirate was drowning in the ocean after getting beaten by Kaidou, he reassured Momonosuke that he would come back and defeat the emperor no matter what.

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Kozuko Momonosuke has the same devil fruit abilities as Kaido

An image of Momonosuke in his dragon formCrunchyroll

In the Egghead Island arc, Dr Vegapunk reveals that Momonosuke’s devil fruit has the same abilities as Kaido’s Mythical Zoan, Uo Uo no Mi, Model: Seiryu. The only reason Vegapunk considers it a failure is that the transformed dragon is pink instead of blue.

Momonosuke’s dragon is very similar in size and appearance to his actual age after being transformed into it with Shinobu’s Juku Juku no Mi. The giant pink dragon has enormous strength and durability, and his bite can easily injure Kaido, who is also in his dragon form.

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Kozuki Momonosuke can use all of Kaido’s techniques, but he has only used “Flame Clouds and Bolo Breath.” Bolo Breath is Kaido’s most powerful attack that obliterated a mountain in a few seconds. Although Momonosuke didn’t use it in the raid of Onigashima, he protected his allies against Admiral Aramaki.

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