One Piece: The dream of each Straw Hat Pirate explained

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An image of all Straw Hat crew members in One Piece

In One Piece, each Straw Hat crew member has a certain dream to follow, so they set out to the sea. As the series enters the Final Saga, let’s reminisce about the reason why each member of the Straw Hat Pirate began their voyage.

One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda uses unique elements to incorporate into the expansive world-building of the story. He follows a certain pattern when it comes to the Straw Hat Pirates in particular.

Every member has a tragic backstory that leaves them emotionally struggling for years or even decades. They also have their own dreams to follow, apart from dedicating their lives to helping Luffy become King of the Pirates.

This loyalty to Luffy stems from the protagonist’s stubborn ways of always being there for his friends and helping them break from their past shackles.

Luffy’s real dream is still a mystery

An image of Straw Hat Luffy and Pirate King sharing the same dream in One Piece

Luffy’s dream since the first episode is to be the Pirate King – at least, that’s what he always said. However, the “Wano Country Saga” reveals that his true dream is something else, and he can only achieve that after becoming the Pirate King.

Surprisingly, Luffy’s dream is the same as the first Pirate King, Gol D. Roger. Roger never achieved that dream; therefore, when Luffy told Shanks about it, he was brought to tears. The series hasn’t revealed anything regarding Luffy’s dream. Therefore, it still remains a mystery. 

Zoro’s dream is to become the best swordsman in the world

An image of Zoro and Kuina fighting in One Piece

Zoro set out to the sea to find Mihawk and challenge him to a duel. Since Mihawk is currently the world’s strongest swordsman, defeating him is the only way for Zoro to claim that title. Zoro swore this oath with his childhood friend Kuina, who also wished for the same. 

After Kuina passed away, he further solidified this promise for both their sake. Not only that, but Zoro’s first encounter with Mihawk resulted in a humiliating defeat. Zoro promised Luffy to become the best swordsman in the world since his dream isn’t just for Kuina’s sake but also for his captain.

Nami’s dream is to create a world map

One Piece saddest backstories Nami

Nami has been a genius since she was a child interested in studying weather and maps. She dreamed of one day creating a world map to make her foster mother proud. Sadly, after Bell-mère’s tragic death, Nami was trapped in Arlong’s grasp for several years.

She was only free after Luffy defeated the Fishman pirate and helped her break from her shackles. Since then, Nami has cast aside her prejudice against pirates and joined the Straw Hat Pirates to fulfil her dream.

Usopp’s dream is to become a brave warrior of the sea like his father 

An image of Usopp from One Piece

Usopp’s dream is the most difficult to define among all the Straw Hat Pirates. He dreams of becoming an excellent and brave sniper, just like his father Yasopp, a member of the Red Hair Pirates. 

However, judging by Usopp’s actions, although he appears cowardly, he comes around when things get dire and saves the people around him. Furthermore, Usopp was once friends with two giants, Dorry and Broggy, with whom he wishes to reunite in Elbaf.

Sanji’s dream is to see the All Blue

An image of Sanji sharing his dream with Luffy

Ever since he was a child, Sanji has been fascinated by a mythical place called All Blue. No one knows if it exists, but it’s said to be the only place in the world where the North Blue, South Blue, East Blue, and West Blue seas meet. Finding All Blue is not just Sanji’s dream but also Jeff’s. 

After Jeff sacrificed his leg to save Sanji, he retired as a pirate and opened a restaurant. Sanji took it upon himself to realize both of their dreams. Therefore, although he was initially hesitant, he joined the Straw Hat Pirates for the sake of their dreams.

Chopper’s dream is to become a doctor capable of curing all diseases

An image of Chopper from One Piece

As a reindeer with a blue nose and the power of a devil fruit, Chopper was abandoned by his herd. He ended up being in Dr Hiruluk’s care and learned about medicine from him and later from Kureha.

Chopper wants to become a doctor capable of curing any disease and wants to travel all across the world, specifically in the hopes of accomplishing this dream.

Robin’s dream is to learn the truth of the Void Century

An image of Robin reading the Poneglyph in One Piece

Robin is a crucial crew member as the only one who can read the ancient language of Poneglyphs. Even as an eight-year-old, Robin was considered a genius among the scholars of Ohara and became an archaeologist. However, after the tragic fall of the island, she wandered from place to place and could barely have the means to research the Void Century. 

Whether it is the meaning of “D” or the truth of the blank history, Robin knows it’s important enough to shake the world’s foundation. She sets out to the sea along with Luffy to find Poneglyphs scattered across the world and complete the research of Ohara’s archaeologists.

Franky’s dream is to build a ship and see it reach Laughtale

An image of Franky from One Piece

Franky is the crew’s shipwright who studied under Tom, the man who created Roger’s ship. The World Government targeted Tom for creating the ship of the Pirate King that helped him reach the last island.

Franky dreams of following in his mentor’s footsteps and building a ship for the next Pirate King. He also wished to see it happen but was hesitant to leave his home behind. After Luffy practically forced him to join the crew, Franky set out to sea and became the official shipwright of the future Pirate King’s crew.

Brook’s dream is to reunite with Laboon

An image of Brook sharing his dream with Straw Hat Luffy

After wandering in the waters alone for fifty years, Brook finally finds a way to fulfil his dream of reuniting with Laboon. Laboon was a baby island whale that travelled along with Rumbar Pirates. 

Sadly, all the members of the Rumbar Pirates died after an enemy attack, including Brook. With the power of devil fruit, Brook was revived in his skeleton form, only to be unable to leave his ship. He joins the Straw Hat Pirates after they save him to accomplish his dream.

Jinbe’s dream is to break the cycle of hatred between Fishman and human

An image of Jinbe transfusing his blood with Luffy in One Piece

Jinbe is a highly regarded Fishman who was once a Warlord. After witnessing the suffering of his people and being inspired by Fisher Tiger’s and Queen Otohime’s resolve, Jinbe decided to fulfil both of their dreams.

He became the new leader of the Sun Pirates and strived to break the cycle of hatred between the two races. After reuniting with Luffy and seeing his resolve to save Fish-Man Island, Jinbe decided to join his crew and help him become the Pirate King. He realizes Luffy’s worth and knows that the future Pirate King will transcend the boundaries between humans and Fishman.

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