One Piece: Will the Straw Hat Grand Fleet appear in the Netflix series?

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Netflix one piece live action series Season 2

Netflix’s live-action series of Eiichiro Oda’s popular manga One Piece made its debut last week. Since there is no official confirmation of Season 2, will fans get to watch the real-life version of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet?

One Piece is one of the longest-running manga and anime series that was recently adapted into a live-action by Netflix. The series made its grand debut last week and became the most successful live-action adaptation ever. 

However, it only covers five out of six arcs from the East Blue Saga. As intended, the series gathers several new fans who are now turning toward anime and manga, hoping to see more of Luffy’s adventures.

Unlike the live-action, the manga has come a long way. In the ongoing Final Saga, Luffy is now one of the most powerful pirates in the entire world and holds the title of Emperor of the Sea. Luffy has a lot of allies, and among them is the Straw Hat Grand Fleet. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

What is the Straw Hat Grand Fleet in One Piece?

An image of the Straw Hat grand fleet in One Piece

Seven pirates in the Dressrosa Saga formed the Straw Hat Grand Fleet. After Luffy and his crew saved them from Doflamingo, they all felt indebted and wanted to repay the favor. In the pirate world, it is a great honor for anyone to have a fleet with thousands of followers. 

Hence, they all swore allegiance to Luffy and decided to support him throughout his voyage until he became King of the Pirates. However, they were all surprised by Luffy’s denial, and arguments broke out. Luffy explained that he simply seeks freedom and he doesn’t want the responsibility of leading so many people. 

In sheer numbers, the fleet comprises 5,650 people from various tribes and races, giving them quite the versatility in strength and attributes. In the end, the pirates reached a consensus and promised to help Luffy whenever he needed them. They also all have a piece of Luffy’s Vivre card. Judging by how greatly they admire the young pirate, there’s no doubt that they will abandon everything and come running to aid the Straw Hats.

Will the fleet appear in the One Piece Netflix series?

An image of Luffy in One Piece

As of now, there has been no confirmation regarding Season 2 of the One Piece Netflix series. The fleet is formed in the eighth Saga of the story, whereas Season 1 only adapts the first Saga. Judging by how vast the series is, even if Netflix were to produce other seasons, it would still be several years before fans can see the Straw Hat Grand Fleet in a real-life scenario.

The fleet will play a major role in the Final War as they will reunite and fight alongside Luffy and his crew. One Piece manga is currently featuring its Final Saga, and we will soon witness the war that will change the entire world. So, if the Netflix series does adapt all these Sagas, then there’s no way they can exclude such an important part of the story.

Additionally, before the launch of the One Piece Netflix series, there was a promotional website titled “Straw Hat Grand Fleet.” It’s a fan club for live-action fans who can sign up for the newsletter and get access to phone-screen wallpapers. The site currently shows a board filled with notices from the World Government faction in an attempt to deter possible pirate raids.  

On top of the notifications are two clickable posters recruiting for the One Piece Straw Hat Grand Fleet, which connect to the series newsletter sign-up page and a downloads page, which currently hosts three phone wallpapers. The email page promises that joining up will entitle you to an invitation to an early viewing of the series. Click here to visit the website.

One Piece live-action is currently streaming on Netflix, and the anime is available on Crunchyroll.

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