One Piece: Mihawk is not the only obstacle to Zoro’s dream

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After more than two decades, One Piece finally shows a glimpse of Shanks’ true power. As the Red-Haired Shanks uses Divine Departure against Kid Pirates, it also sends a subtle message to fans that he may turn out to be an obstacle to Zoro’s dream.

Eiichiro Oda always uses unique elements in One Piece to build the story’s entire structure. He likes to follow a certain pattern with Straw Hat members since they are the series’ central characters. Each member has a tragic backstory that leaves them emotionally struggling. Oda focuses on how these characters overcome their traumas and strive to achieve their dreams.

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Although all the Straw Hats are loyal to Luffy, they are all on a journey primarily to focus on their own dreams and help their captain along the way. Nonetheless, they wouldn’t hesitate to sacrifice themselves and their dreams to protect Luffy if need be.

One such character is Rorona Zoro, Luffy’s first mate and the unofficial captain of the Straw Hat Pirates. Zoro’s dream is to one day become the world’s best swordsman – something that fans have been aware of since the start. Here’s a look at why Shanks’ power reveal may turn out to be an obstacle to Zoro’s dream.

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Why does Zoro want to become the world’s best swordsman?

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As an orphan, Zoro is raised in Shimotsuki Village, where he picks up swordsmanship at the age of eight. Even as a child, Zoro is able to go against several adults. However, the one person he cannot defeat is Shimotsuki Kuina, the daughter of the dojo’s master, Shimotsuki Koushirou. Kuina’s grandfather, Shimotsuki Kozaburo, gifts Zoro a pair of swords to aid him in practice.

Zoro relentlessly pursues to be stronger than Kuina and fights her 2000 times, but not once being able to defeat her. After that, he tells her about his dream of becoming the world’s best swordsman.

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Unsurprisingly, Zoro’s dream and Kuina’s dream happen to be the same, and they both make a promise to work hard towards achieving it. Shortly after that, Kuina passes away in an accident, leaving Zoro to fulfil the dream for both of their sakes.

Why isn’t Mihawk the only obstacle to Zoro’s dream?


When Zoros is introduced in the series, he happens to be looking for Mihwak, who is known to be the world’s greatest swordsman. Zoro must defeat the man and claim the title for himself to achieve his goal. Mihawk is a mysterious character in the series since his true strength has yet to be revealed. Zoro’s first fight with Mihawk ends in the former’s crushing defeat, making him realize how far off he is from his dream.

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On the other hand, Shanks is yet another mysterious character who also happens to be a swordsman. Shanks is not only a Yonko but also a master of Haki. So far, his Haki seems to be the strongest in the series. Furthermore, Mihawk used to have the title of the Warlord, while Shanks is Yonko.

While it is true that both of their powers remain a secret, there has never once been a case of a Warlord being stronger than a Yonko. Therefore, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that in order to achieve his dream, Zoro must not only surpass Mihawk but Shanks as well.

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