One Piece Episode 1063: Release date and spoilers

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One Piece straw hats bounties after Wano

One Piece’s recent episode features the fierce battle between Roronoa Zoro and King, the Lead Performer of the Beast Pirates. However, the battle is far from over. Here are the release date and possible spoilers for One Piece Episode 1063.

One Piece’s Wano arc is one of the most thrilling arcs to date, with a captivating storyline, plenty of action, and memorable moments. Fans were treated to a spectacular episode tonight, which featured the fight between Zoro and King. 

The episode also shows a glimpse of King’s past as he follows Kaido believing the latter to be Joy Boy. The name Joy Boy is not often mentioned in the series, despite having great significance to the story. 

As Zoro gains victory against the powerful Lunarian, Luffy’s and Kaido’s battle is still far from over. Delve deeper to find out what will happen in One Piece Episode 1063.

One Piece Episode 1063 release date and time

One Piece Episode 1063 will release on 28 May at 9:30am JST. It is a weekly anime that drops every Sunday.

The episode will be available to stream across various time zones as soon as it’s released in Japan. You can find your time zone below:

  • 7:00pm PT
  • 9:00pm Central Time
  • 10:00pm Eastern Time Zone
  • 3:00am UK
  • 7:30am India Standard Time
  • 11:30am Australia
  • 2:00am GMT

One Piece Episode 1063 spoilers

One Piece Luffy and Kaido

One Piece Episode 1063 is titled “Luffy on the Move! The Turning Point of a New Era!” The episode will primarily focus on Luffy’s and Kaido’s fight at Onigashima.

As Luffy prepares himself to continue the battle, he becomes angry at Kaido’s drinking. However, the King of the Beasts simply reasons that he’s drinking because he’s having fun.

He’s completely drunk, and that shows how he expresses his sorrow at seeing his castle destroyed. He also blames himself for being incompetent and letting it all happen. However, despite that, he uses some devastatingly powerful attacks in the middle, catching Luffy off guard with his inconsistent actions. 

Luffy realises that the more they fight, the more Kaido’s Haki gets stronger. One Piece Episode 1063 will also feature Gorosei talking about removing the truth of a “certain devil fruit” that they want to erase from the annals of history. Fans will later learn that the devil fruit Gorosei are worrying about, belongs to Luffy.

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