Jujutsu Kaisen characters have given up on Megumi, but fans understand why

Anamika Das

The sorcerers in Jujutsu Kaisen have all given up on saving Megumi from Sukuna, but fans get why.

Sukuna taking over Megumi’s body at the end of the Culling Game Arc is one of the most shocking twists in Jujutsu Kaisen. Following this, he killed Yorozu, and effectively Tsumiki, to destroy the boy’s will to live.

When the Shinjuku Showdown began, the heroes aimed to save Megumi from Sukuna’s clutches before killing the ancient sorcerer. However, that proved to be wishful thinking as the King of Curses was stronger than they could’ve predicted.

After Gojo died, the sorcerers’ chance of victory went significantly lower. But Yuji and others were determined to save Megumi. They even got an opportunity when Yuji finally found Megumi inside Sukuna after using his soul punch.

However, Megumi had given up by then, making Yuji unable to save him. Following this, things got too bleak for the sorcerers as many characters died or were brutally injured, and their chance of winning became little to nothing.

As a last resort, Yuta transferred his brain inside Gojo’s corpse using Kenjaku’s cursed technique as Gojo was the only one capable of meeting Sukuna on an equal footing. After using every weapon in their arsenal, Yuta proceeded to use Hollow Purple on the King of Curses in Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 262 Part 2.

Readers noticed the Jujutsu Kaisen characters had given up on saving Megumi anymore as the attack – if it worked – would completely obliterate Sukuna (and Megumi, in the process). But they also understood why that was.

“They are already using their last option (their last option was to use Gojo’s body if there was practically no other option left),” commented one Reddit user

Another joined, “I don’t think Megumi’s even functioning at this point. If he even survives, he would be brain-dead. Better to put him out of his misery.”

“Megumi is practically dead at this point, so it doesn’t even matter. The best they can do is give him a proper death and spare him of the suffering,” wrote a third.

“Who cares about saving Megumi at this point, they’re literally at their last stand,” was the opinion of another Jujutsu Kaisen fan.

We won’t know if Megumi actually survives this ordeal until we reach the end of the Shinjuku Showdown Arc. Until then, we (and the sorcerers) will have to pray for the best.

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