Demon Slayer: Gyokko vs Muichiro is the most important fight so far

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An image of Gyokko vs Muichiro in Demon Slayer

After witnessing the underwhelming true form of Gyokko, fans cannot help but be disappointed with how the fight turned out. However, there’s a reason why Gyokko vs Muichiro is the most important fight in Demon Slayer so far.

As Demon Slayer Season 3 draws near its end, fans witness Mucihiro’s overwhelming power during his fight with the Upper Moon Five Gyokko. The youngest Hashira single-handedly defeated an Upper Moon Five, and it looked too easy.

Fans have already witnessed the terrifying power of the Upper Moons Akaza and Gyutaro. One battle ended with Rengoku’s death, and the second battle ended with Uzui’s retirement. Therefore, fans were anticipating something thrilling when two demons attacked the Swordsmith Village together.

Whether it is Gyokko’s true form or his easy defeat, fans have been continuously expressing their disappointment. However, the Gyokko vs Muichiro fight has a lot of relevance to the story.

A brief summary of Gyokko vs Muichiro in Demon Slayer

An image featuring Gyokko and Muichiro in Demon Slayer

The fight between them begins when Muichiro tries to save the villagers. Their first encounter ended with Muichiro getting trapped in a water prison. As the young Hashira’s consciousness begins to fade, he remembers his father’s face, who had the same eye colour as Tanjiro.

Muichiro then remembers his past he had forgotten because of a traumatic incident. He lost his twin brother because of a demon attack and was severely wounded. After the tragedy, Kagaya and his wife Amane helped Muichiro through everything. 

Because of his innate talent, Muichiro quickly rose to the ranks of Hashira. After remembering everything, Muichiro awakens his demon slayer mark and easily breaks from the water prison. After that, he again fights Gyokko and taunts the demon’s art. 

Gyokko soon realizes that he is no match against Muichiro and takes on his true form. The form is believed to be so dangerous that only three people, including Muichiro, have seen it. However, despite all the hype, Muichiro quickly decapacitates the demon. 

The fight was meant to hype up Muichiro and not the Upper Moon

An image of Muichiro awakening his Demon Slayer Mark

During all the previous fights with the Upper Ranks, the series has always focused on portraying the terrifying powers of the demons. However, Gyokko vs Muichiro was a battle that hyped up Muichiro Tokito, the only remaining descendant of the Tsugikuni bloodline.

Since Yoriichi’s pregnant wife died because of a demon, he never remarried and continued his bloodline. On the other hand, Yoriichi’s brother Michikatsu who is now the Upper One Kokushibo. That makes Muichiro the only descendant of the Sun Breathing Technique.

Furthermore, Muichiro is the first demon slayer to have awakened a demon slayer mark in the series. The entire hype around Gyokko vs Muichiro was to display the power boost one can gain after gaining this mark. Since demon slayers have always been at an unfair advantage against demons, the revelation of this power gives them hope of gaining the upper hand in the final battle.

Furthermore, after Muichiro develops his mark, Mitsuri also develops it. This triggers the “Hashira Training Arc,” which is the last step before the final battle with Muzan and the remaining Upper Ranks. 

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